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  1. I have been trying to call Princess and whatever option I press they say good bye and hang up. Very frustrating.
  2. Have they changed the dates for final payment or is it still about 3 months ahead. I seen mentioned that some are due 2 months ahead now. Our cruise is Nov. 7 and final is still the end of next week, sure would like a little extra time.
  3. We flew into Zurich 2 years ago before our viking river cruise from Basel. We took the train to from Zurick to Lucerne, then Interlaken, Laussane, Bern, and Basel. We stayed at each city 2 nights average ($200) per night. There are many trains each day and we did not need reservations, we traveled the end of October. It was very easy to navigate and I had researched it every place before we left. We stayed at hotels near the train station so we could walk and had a large carryone suitcase. We would definitely do this again maybe to different cities. Lucerne was o
  4. Who should we ask for wine glasses. We asked the steward and he said we could get them from the bar. We did that a few times and then they said get it from your Steward, asked the front desk and they said call room service. Before we have always just picked up 2 from the bar.
  5. Does anyone know if Taxis' on Moorea take anything other than the local currency.
  6. I think I tried both of these and one was booked with the ship tours, and the other was only doing tours.
  7. Has anyone taken a taxi to the Hilton Hotel and back. I'm wondering if it is difficult to get a taxi in Moorea. We want to do a day pass there. I have tried local charter coompanies and they are booked with the cruiseline.
  8. Has anyone taken the local bus to Waikiki and back. We did it quite a few years ago but I'm not sure where the closest bus stop is.
  9. We have always been welcomed in the lounge before dinner. We are going on a cruise with a lot of sea days and hopefully this hasn’t changed. I read a comment recently that a ship was only allowing elites.
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