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  1. My thought is though refusing to take the vaccine is foolish and selfish ( we can't control this virus unless we all participate) at least it frees up more for those that need and want it!
  2. Also just booked that cruise. See you on board we hope!!!!
  3. Princess has a cruise Van-Van May 10th for 5 days ( Juneau/ Ketchikan) Also has a 7 day. On V to G.
  4. It's not that i do not want the e.mails , it is 10-12 a day that is something new. Usually I get one with all the posts for the day. It seems to have gone back to that thank goodness. Also there are days when I get no notifications at all and yet if I refresh the tab there appears several new posts that I was not notified off! Very sporadic as I stated before.
  5. I have not heard or read that the vaccination will not prevent a person from contracting the virus! Please post where this information came from. Our daughter was given every shot known to the pediatrician at the time and NEVER had a childhood illness. We all get our flu shots every year and none of us three has ever had the flu. So what is different about this vaccine? Need to know!
  6. I find the notifications very sporadic. Some days I get the community e.mail (from which I linked to this thread) and other days I get only a response to my posts. Foe a couple of weeks I was getting 10-12 e.mails a day with one post listed. I went back through and redid my follow profile and those stopped thank goodness. Incidentally I get e. mails to link to old posts that have been on there for a while including my own!
  7. How about masks and hazmat suits? Great for snorkeling off the boat!!
  8. Just paid the balance for our Jan 17th cruise on MSC. Trying to be optimistic!!!!!!
  9. I disagree. The fact that congress wants to restrict cruising it makes sense that they would not approve a change in the Jones/PVSA to open up Alaska. There is a thread that discusses this idea.
  10. The yoplait whipped key lime is very good.
  11. Spoke with an agent at RCCL and was told that details were not available yet but to watch their website!
  12. Unfortunately a negative result is not a lot of help when a person just came down with Covid on the first ship to sail in the Caribbean 3 days after the ship was underway! All passengers had tested negative at boarding!!!
  13. My husband is a 100% disabled Vietnam vet. He was given a free lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and 10% off his bill at Publix grocery store yesterday. That was nice. Thanks for the kind posts.
  14. I agree! We do not need all that cleaning. Every other day with us putting our trash outside the door and we can call if we need anything. I do need my pillow choc and daily info paperwork though!. I prefer them not to come in the cabin under normal circumstances as they move things around and I am a little OCD. Has anyone thought about volunteering for the RCCL mock cruises yet?
  15. Don't be a grouch!!! A little fun is not going to detract from the overall discussion. We get too serious sometimes....
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