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  1. If you are disabled and need wheelchair assistance thru customs/immigration you will get through much quicker normally but the issue on the day I went thru was the wait for assistance. I was picked up at the gate by a electric cart that took me to a wheelchair access area. I sat there for almost 2 hrs waiting my turn as they were inundated by a huge disabled crowd all arriving at once and were short of staff. So if you are disabled be aware this could happen again. I was not strapped for time that day but on the 5th my disabled hubby will be needing to get to the Sky shuttle so hoping it will not be the same issue.
  2. It is not just the 60 pounds there are also the hotel and taxi fares to consider. Yes it is a risk but most flights from the Americas arrive very early and the shuttle guarantees to get you to the ship on time.
  3. Hubby will fly into LHR at 6:40am so hoping for no issues. I am already here so the way things have been going this year it is likely to be me having issues with the trains! Hoping to meet up at the ship around noon.
  4. Lovey1103------Did the passport show up yet? I am so sure everything will be okay so I have you down for the Meet and Greet and Slot Pull....
  5. Wow! I misunderstood. I thought it was 900 with the change fee which would make the fare around 280 or so. Mine is 363 from Orlando to Heathrow but that is economy. When I changed a flight on Celebrity air last June it was a 200.00 change fee which they waived for us because we have medical issues that make it difficult to do anything early mornings as the airline had scheduled us.
  6. If you can find an outside flight at a reasonable price would it be cheaper to just abandon the EZair flight instead of cancelling? Just an idea!
  7. I had my flight changed by the airline ( lost my non-stop😭) The new flight they gave me was unacceptable so I called EZair. They changed me to the flight of my choice and no fees of any kind. I was well within the 45 days for the flight but they said they go by the cruise date. I would refuse to pay that fee. Would it be cheaper to cancel it and book another flight?
  8. Is that the Nov 5th Sky TA. If so are you interest in the Meet and Greet, Slot Pull, Gift Exchange or LCR games.?
  9. Thanks for the info. We were given this cabin because there were no accessible available in the category we paid for. We forgot to ask if it was obstructed.
  10. Does anyone know if the C304 balcony is covered or obstructed on Sky Princess?
  11. No experience with Princess but other cruise lines have refunded unused OBC before we even got home!
  12. We are on that Nov 5th TA. Hope you make it and we see you at the Meet and Greet and Slot Pull Our daughter was booked on a flight to UK to visit her grandmother when we checked her passport. To our dismay it was going to expire soon. We sent it with the extra expedite charge and it came back in only 3 weeks. This was in March/April so they may be busier now but hang in there!
  13. The acrimonious part is the word ---NONSENSE. Totally unnecessary to insult like that. Opinion/fact no difference to the way you answer a post. Be polite not argumentative.
  14. Not small and silly at all! Whatever makes your cruise experience enjoyable is important to you and probably others!
  15. Why make this acrimonious? All are entitled to an opinion and differing views make the thread more interesting.
  16. Thanks. When we were on the Island Princess back in 2010 the ice cream bar was very poor so was hoping it had improved.
  17. Sorry. Change of subject. As you have up to date info on Sky--could you tell me if they have an adequate Ice Cream area with toppings/cookies etc on the buffet?
  18. P.S. Forgot that we wish Celebrity had self-service laundry Hoping that Princess has better free choices for ice cream. Our Island P experience in 2010 was only soft serve with no toppings allowed unless you paid. Celebrity had a great ice cream bar on the buffet.
  19. We were on Celebrity Millennium in June. We were unable to go to the shows because they had cancelled the early performance as there were only 498 passengers on board. We are early to bed ( or at least cabin) cruisers. We were very upset about that. Food was good for the most part. Buffet was not self service but as we were almost always the only diners present it was not an issue. One thing we were not happy about was the lack of social distancing in the MDR! The tables were all together in a cluster with half the dinning room empty. We insisted on being given a table away from all the others. The way it should have been for all! Hopefully the situation will improve soon but it is not guaranteed! We are on Sky Princess for a TA in Nov so hoping for a better experience. It is only our 3 rd Princess but we have sailed on many Celebrity cruises as we are Elite.
  20. Past cruises--nothing current that I have seen on the roll calls and threads I frequent. Nice to hear from you.
  21. Does it show my age if I start singing " tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree" LOL!
  22. We are on the Sky Nov 5th Transatlantic. Has anyone knowledge of cabin C304--accessible next to the elevator? Thanks.
  23. Hi! CineGraphic have not seen you on any of our roll calls recently! How are you?
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