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  1. Many thanks, fellow cruisers. I'm going to try to get a full refund from Norwegian. Will send an email to the NCL booking agent with this request so therein I will have created a "paper trail" for the refund. I honestly don't think an FCC would work for my friend and I as we are both very senior in age; fortunately we are still in good health but don't want be held hostage by NCL. Will try to let you know the outcome. It's a topsy-turvy world, huh???
  2. Am so glad I logged in and am reading the topic re cruise cancellation. I have a Baltic cruise (the Escape) re-booked for June 2021. I want to totally cancel this cruise and get a refund - not a cruise credit. My inner feeling is that there is no way the cruise is doable because of all the countries where the ship will port may still have virus quarantines...vaccine or no vaccine. I was supposed to make final payment Feb 2021 but received an email from Norwegian just yesterday stating that I can cancel up to 60 days before sailing (~April?) and they would give me future cruise credit. Did
  3. Plus keep in mind with the current coronavirus situation, even if the cruise ship is not affected, security may be tightened up even more going thru disembarkation and checking in at the airport. I'm taking a late afternoon flight from LAX to Albuquerque so I'm not rushing to get off the ship. I'm sailing next Saturday, 02/29 and can't wait to try the BBQ!
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