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  1. I will write a review later but, wanted to say the cutbacks that Carnival has made are very much noticeable. We enjoyed our trip but there were issues with service and food. Since last Sept. we really noticed a big difference.
  2. We leave on Wednesday and I am trying to talk my DH into just wearing his clothes in layers so I can have more room in the suitcase. I am getting better but I am still a member of the overpacking club. But I have went from taking 18 pair of shoes for 7 days to 5 this time. Babysteps...
  3. We like the Rivera deck. It is very quiet. And it is not worth the extra $$ to be one floor up. It's not like being in a basement at all. We have had all different kinds of rooms from suites to inside cabins. Now we just book OV on Rivera and it works out perfect for us.
  4. We are going on the Glory out of New york on Sept 8, to New England/ Canada. I have never been to this part of the country, so I am not sure of the weather. So my question is what to pack? Pants, Capri's, or Shorts. Is a Jacket needed? I am so excited I have never been to New York. We will spend 3 days in New York before we sail. We live in AZ so we are use to rather warm temps.
  5. So sorry for the loss of your Daughter. Don't be afraid just go and have a great time. Just go with positive thoughts because it is what you make it. I enjoy being on a ship and for our last 6 cruises we have sailed with Carnival and have always had a blast... But you know what they say "you can't please everyone" some people are just not happy know matter what.
  6. On of off board a ship where has there not been cut backs in service and other things. We eat out less because the prices have all gone up while the protion sizes and service have gone down. I stand in longer lines when I shop and have a hard time getting help because of cutbacks the merchants have made. Cut backs just seem to be a fact of life. Heck I remember when gas was 27 cents a gallon and the station attendent pumped it for you and washed your windows. I cruise because I enjoy it, service and food quality may have gone down, but you know what I am just happy to be blessed with the life I have that allows me to be able to cruise. And I have the freedom of choice as to what line I go on and have been on most all of them. Right now I am booked on Carnival and I can not wait until we leave in Sept. for New England/Canada.Will it be all it was 10 years ago probably not, but I'm not going to sweat the small stuff, I am just going to enjoy.
  7. There are so few places a smoker can smoke and if I book a balcony and can smoke then there is where I will light up. If it bothers you or others then go inside to one of the many areas I can not go and smoke. If I pay to book a balcony it is my right to enjoy it, Carnival says I can smoke out there so I will. If it bothers you oh well, if you ask me to put out my smoke of choice I will not do it. I don't know why it is that non-smokers feel they should have all the rights. I remember a day when you could smoke everywhere now it is so limited as to where one can smoke it is crazy. Smokers have rights to. I am allergic to perfume so am I allowed to tell you not to wear it because I don't like it and it makes me sick. Get real people I have had people complain about the smoke in the smoking area. Just because one smokes does not make them a criminal Geez. Live and let live if I want to smoke, I can and I will when ever and where ever it is allowed. And if you don't like it oh well...
  8. I say just go with an open mind and don't expect everything to be perfect, it won't be, but just don't stress the small things. Just savor the moments as they pass so quickly. Make wonderful Memories realax and enjoy. A little tid bit is you can get a banna split for dessert in the MDR it is on the kids menu. I agree with not trying to do everything or you will need a vacation to rest up from your vacation. I have never had a problem finding a lounge chair to catch some sun. Take some good walking shoes. And try to take clothes you can mix and match. My first cruise I took 17 pair of shoes for 7 days. I wore only 5 pairs of them. Now I try and pack lighter. Try something you would not normally order in the MDR. I tried frog legs, Escargo (sp), and Gator fritters. I did not care for them but can at least say I tried them. If you are prone to motion sickness try Bonnie, wrist bands, or ginger capsules. I use all three. And if you are a drinker have a Miami Vice and a Kiss on the Lips both Yummy. Have a great time your going to love it...
  9. It has happened on every line we have sailed on HAL, Celebrity, and RCL. Usually on the night they serve Baked Alaska, they come dancing in with it lit with a sparkler.
  10. It seems to me the waiters work hard enough and the nights they have to preform they seem extra stressed to hurry you though dinner. I don't mind them singing just don't feel it is something I have to have while eating. My pet peeve is the picture taking most nights while I am in the MDR I don't what a picutre of myself with a pirate, or with any other thing for that matter. If I want a picture taken I will have it done before I enter the MDR at one of the lovely backgounds they have set up in the lobby. I know this is done for extra revenue but actually how many people buy these pictures. That is one thing I wish they would stop doing in the MDR. I usually tell them I don't care to have my picture taken but they have already intruded on my dinning experience.
  11. I can tell you what not to take, And that would be the raspberry ketones that Dr. Oz recommended on his show. I took his advice and bought some and started taking them. I know I should have researched more but when I looked up side effects it said there were none. What these pill do is raise you body temp and that helps to burn the fat. I workout twice a week with a trainer and yesterday my heart started pounding, I felt dizzy and started puking. I thought I was having a stoke or a heart attack. When I went to the Dr. my blood pressure was though the roof. These ketones made my body over heat while I was working out. When I got home I looked them up and find out they mess with your hormones as well and should not be taken with some other types of Meds. I was stupid and it almost cost me my life. There is no guick fix to weight loss the key is excersice and eating well. It is a life style change not a diet. Even if you have the weight loss surgery.
  12. Okay think back to your very first cruise, how excited you were and while on this first cruise you don't want to miss out on anything. I myself saved every funtimes and ad that was shoved under my door. Back then they even gave you a copy of the weekly menu which of course I took and kept. DOD came in a different glass everyday so of course I had to have one of each. Bought a bunch of junk at the gift shops. We bought every picture they took of us, drank like fish, and savored every moment and spent and spent and spent. On the last day bought the DVD of the week which we not even in. Our S&S bill was over $2000.00 Now comes cruise 13, I still get excited but don't feel the need to buy every picture, usually don't buy any. The DOD glass is not a novelty to me any longer and the ones I had have long been thrown out. Never go into the giftshops so there fore they don't make money from me on that. Dinking like a fish is not a option due to medications I take so, they make no money from me on that. In fact other than tips there is usually nothing I use my S&S card for. I may spend $20.00 in the casino. What the cruise lines need are the newbie's, as I was on my first cruise they are the ones who are going to spend the money on the ship therefore giving the lines room for more profit. I know there has been alot of cutbacks with all the lines, and I think it is all of us repeat cruisers who have contributed to them. I know for a fact I have because I don't spend money on the ship. I don't hate the cutbacks but there are some things I miss. I just don't miss them enough to stop cruising. I think it is still the best way to travel.
  13. I love this post!! It is so nice to hear someone who feels like I would think most of us do. Why would I let what someone else is wearing or sitting ruin my vacation. We are so blessed in our lives, we shouldn't take it for granted and should not worry so much about what others are doing. Live and let live.
  14. My feet and calves swell up to the point of being painful, but only when we sail to hot and humid destanations. Now I know it is not the heat I live in AZ. So I think it has something to do at least for me with the humidity. I didn't swell when we went to AK or Mexico at all. My feet look like two big hams and even flip flops get tight. I have tried elevating my legs when I sleep but that did not work. I read somewhere on CC that if you take Black Cherry capsules that is suppose to help so I ordered them so I will see how they work. Once I get home it takes several days to get back to normal. I am just glad to hear I am not the only one who puffs up like the Goodyear blimp on a cruise.
  15. DH and I Have our passports, I'm not taking any chances myself. But these freinds are a young couple and are leaving behind their children one being a baby. I am trying to convince them to get passports. I told them if they need to get back to the US in a hurry it is not going to happen without a passport. But NCL told them they don't have anything to worry aobut an ID and birth certificate will be fine. It just needs to be if you leave the US in any way you need a passport.
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