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  1. Did a mock booking for my upcoming Bliss cruise out of NYC and lots of cities are offering totally free air - and the price is the same as my cruse without air (same cabin, etc.) - shouldn't I be getting a credit for NOT using the free air?
  2. Spa passes for Bliss in Dec are $250 each. Too much.
  3. Not interested in Margaritaville. Any of the other specialties serve lunch on the Bliss? Thanks so much!
  4. Anyone have it? Please post! Thanks.
  5. Hi - has anyone rented a car in Port Canaveral. If so, did you use a rental car shuttle or did you take an uber/lyft? Need advice for December. Thanks!
  6. We just used civiteveccia shuttle for shared service from Rome - was approx $90 for two each way. Good experience.
  7. Our airport to hotel service not shared, but our other two were. There was a choice at booking. The shared was less expensive. I emailed to confirm that the shuttle from the ship was the airport would drop off at FCO first, not downtown Rome (if other passengers were going there.)
  8. PS Civeteveccia shuttle was $89 euros I believe. Reasonable and could pay via PayPal prior.
  9. If the garden villa has THREE bedrooms, then you should have had THREE bedrooms at a hotel or three rooms. If you paid the $1200, I would demand a credit. The crazy part is that three inside cabins for a total of $6000 would have received 3, but you didn't?
  10. They might upgrade you to the OS if you ask and it is definitely the same price that you paid. In the alt they might offer you 25% of the diff in on board credit.
  11. I tired a mock booking just now and the latitudes discount seems to be gone 😞
  12. My daughter is shirt a cruise from years ago. They promised that once she became an adult her history would update. It never did. I have recently requested a reply but have heard nothing. I don’t think that she will ever get credit for it. Her brother is gold and she is silver based on the exact same vacations (we never went without them)z unfair. Don’t “not worry” about it. Be persistent.
  13. This sounds like an amazing idea - winter at sea. Do you change ships at all or keep doing the same itinerary?
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