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  1. Be sure to check your refund carefully. My two refunds that finally came through are both missing a refund for the $100 initial deposits.
  2. I emailed - thanks. Haven’t heard back. Have you?
  3. Is there any way to see what the total refund amount will be and what credit card it will return to in 90 days?
  4. Stop a minute and think - why isn't the form already available?
  5. "Drama?" Seriously? All it would have taken for NCL was one more little line - "or if you'd prefer a refund, fill out this form starting tomorrow." PS - There is no direct link in the email to the refund offer. Again, the only reason why I ever had the info about the refund is from reading posts on this site. "SHEESH!" If anyone is being dramatic, it's you. And as far as deception goes, let's not forget that NCL was in the news last week because managers were training reps to lie to get people to book cruises in warm climates ("The virus can't live in the Caribbean...").
  6. The email says that we have already been issues the FCC. The only reason why I knew about the refund option was from posts here. If they are not being deceptive, why would they have already issued a FCC before asking us if we preferred a refund? I understand that this is a bad situation for NCL but I appreciate transparency.
  7. Ncl sent an email last night cancelling an April cruise and offering a future cruise credit. There is no mention of a refund or a form that will be available to request a refund on 3/23. Seems deceptive. We want a refund.
  8. We were on the Bliss Christmas sailing. We went into "lockdown" during the cruise (servers at buffet etc.) due to a "respiratory illness" on board. Many were sick with a cough and other symptoms. Many travelers from china onboard - and some were definitely sick. Could have been.
  9. Very good question! I forgot about that part of my reservation.
  10. Does anyone have a specific number to cancel pre-purchased OBC? We are likely going to transfer a May cruise to a future date thanks to the new cancel policy, but don't want to transfer the $500 Pre-purchased OBC. Wait times are very long right now to call - but if there is a separate phone number that might help. THANKS!
  11. what if you used an FCC to book this cruise and then cancel - will the current FCC move forward tot he next cruise or do you lose it?
  12. SO if we are in the 50% cancel period, can we cancel and get 50% back and put the other %50 towards the FCC? Or can we only get a FCC for the entire amount?
  13. Here is a link to the official NCL facebook page - you can post a comment under any of their posts to let them know that you expect them to follow Carnival, Princess, RCCL's lead and give us options: https://www.facebook.com/Norwegiancruiseline/
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