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  1. Yes, Breeze does have these rooms in the spa. They are referred to as the thermal suites. You can buy a package to have access all cruise. The thermal suites in the spa are my favorite.
  2. I meant that when I snorkel, I am really only able to dip below the water. You seem to go deep down and get up close. Do you hold your breath? I know Sakari can hold her breath forever. Just amazes me. I love snorkeling but I get very anxious at first. I despise the salt water in my tube. Once I calm down and enjoy myself... tour is over.
  3. Will be doing same cruise in July on Breeze. Looking forward to hearing more about ports and excursions you did.
  4. We will be there in July. We don't have an excursion yet so I'll be keeping up this thread for ideas.
  5. Loving your review so far. I always get excited when you cruise because I know I've got a good read coming!! You're my favorite. I would love to go to St. Lucia. My family is cruising in July and I'm so looking forward to it. I enjoy snorkeling but I never make it as far down as you seem to go. Thank you for always sharing with us. It makes me feel like I am on that trip!
  6. I am late to this party......I get so excited to see you've put out a review. You've got a way of making me feel like I'm on the trip with too. Its my get away! Thanks for always sharing and please don't stop. My hubby and I cruised out of Miami for the first time last September on Vista. I loved the new ports. We have always cruised out of Texas but I have grown tired of the same ports and wanted to try something new. Aruba is on my bucket list and your review reaffirms. We are going on our next cruise in July with our kids too. Its out of Port Canaveral. Have you ever been to Amber Cove? I looked in your signature line. We do not have an excursion booked there yet.
  7. I'm sure you've already come up with plans but when we went last September, we did the ATV tour around the island. I loved that tour. We even got a little beach time. The company was Solid ATV Scooter Rental SXM. My husband tells me it was book thru Carnival. If my memory serves me correctly, you went to St. Maarten after the hurricane and took pictures of the distruction. You rode with a friend I believe? I'm an avid follower of your picture reviews. =)
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