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  1. Pretty soon we will not be able to see the Nieuw Amsterdam. So....... Wishing the Nieuw Amsterdam passengers a great day in Juneau on a lovely day.
  2. Juneau is warmer than we are. We are only at 51 when we should be at 70 -- we are 19 degrees below normal.
  3. Float plane went behind the Nieuw Amsterdam -- nice zoom on that.
  4. Eurodam will soon be tied off and passengers can go ashore. Wishing all the Eurodam passengers a great day in Juneau with nice weather.
  5. Many of us had problems getting kicked off for 3 days. Laura S and Jenn have been working on the problem.
  6. We do buy HAL's Platinum Cancellation policy. AND we buy separate medical insurance. OP -- your TA does not know HAL policies. Try getting reimbursed through your medical insurance at home.
  7. Glad to hear that you are now on the QM2 and all of your luggage made it to the ship especially the one from the Nieuw Statendam. Food looks good. Love the sun rises and sun sets. Southampton sure looks busy with cruise ships compared to when we sailed in and out of there many years ago.
  8. Thank you for your review. Glad you enjoyed your cruise and found the Rotterdam to be in great shape (except for the bathroom).
  9. I like how they plan a lot of activities for the passengers when there are so many sea days in a row. Hopefully they can fix the smoke stack insulation when the ship gets back in Ft Lauderdale. Nice touch with the Pink Rose.
  10. From HAL's site: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/faq.safety-and-security.prohibited-items.html
  11. You can get a power bar at the front desk.
  12. Many of us have been having problems the last few days -- and we reported it on the "need help" section of CC.
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