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  1. Until recently we often have lamb chops or filet mignon with baked potatoes for dinner. Two of our favorite dishes from the Grill.
  2. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. Cherry dessert -- yum!! Chicken wings and apple sauce.
  3. Thank you Rich for the daily report. Happy Memorial Day everyone. Grilling hamburgers today.
  4. We love the Tamarind Restaurant on the Nieuw Amsterdam.
  5. We need the vaccine and know that it works before we would cruise again. And we also need to know that the vaccine won't harm us. DH can no longer get the yellow fever shot.
  6. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. National Escargo day -- wonderful!! Forget the asparagus. We are going to grill lamb chops. Side will be baked potato topped with onions and peppers that have been sauteed in butter and soy sauce.
  7. HAL discontinued Tamarind's lunch service a few years ago -- around 2015.
  8. We would never be happy to just stay on the ship. We love to get off the ship, even if we have been to the port many times, just to walk around and see what has changed.
  9. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. Lucky penny day -- I can remember when we used to find not only pennies but other coins -- rarely happens anymore. Tender chicken strips -- love them.
  10. I wouldn't count on getting any money back. I can remember quite a few years ago when we were in Seward and several people were denied boarding the ship because they had the Noro virus. They had just finished a land tour. I asked the hotel manager if they got their money back -- nope.
  11. We are both 5 stars -- well over 1000 days each (actual sailing days) -- have always sailed together -- and rarely get any kind of a discount.
  12. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. I'll pass on the musical instrument day. Maritime day sounds great. I'll pass on the soup for dinner. Got to think of something else.
  13. Thanks for posting the information over here. I also do not belong to Facebook.
  14. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. No waiters or waitresses working around here. Chicken Minestrone sounds great.
  15. As for clothes and medications that go into each suitcase and carry on, that will not change. But will certainly pack more disinfections.
  16. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. No flowers around here. No strawberries to pick. Going to have grilled port chops with scalloped potatoes.
  17. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. Devil's food cake -- just finished it last night -- DH's birthday cake. No planting gardens around here. Having chicken and noodles for dinner.
  18. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. Baked chicken breast -- yum -- defrosting boneless chicken breast right now. Museums are still closed here. No dirty dished here -- that is what a dish washer is for.
  19. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. Cherry cobbler sounds delicious. We are having waffles for dinner.
  20. Thank you for sharing the link. We sailed on the QEII -- first class -- lots of memories. Formal every night.
  21. HAL may be waiting to see which islands/ports will be accepting their ships. Also remember that HAL will be undergoing a major change in personal in Seattle.
  22. Glad it worked out to your satisfaction. I would not buy insurance from that company -- I have heard too many complaints about them.
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