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  1. Your do beautiful work crusinbanjo. We have not been doing much here but watching the rain (and snow one evening). Even though it is chilly we are watching the hummingbirds as they are arriving for the summer. A few will continue their journey north. We have 2 hummingbird feeders and one is right outside our TV room window. I am tired of cooking. We used to be able to go out for lunch once in a while -- can't do that anymore. We used to be able to order items for dinner but the restaurant where we could get those meals has permanately closed (they used to be able to fix the special meals I am allowed to eat).
  2. Thanks for the update. It must be hard trying to keep up with all the changes.
  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Where we live, we can't look our the window and see any ships or boats.
  4. Thank you both. We have the red tailed hawks around here.
  5. I used to be an active poster on CC -- not anymore. Too many threads on the same subject and the majority of them are all negative.
  6. Thank you for the Daily report Rich. I'll skip the French onion chicken. Steaks on the grill this evening. Happy mother's day to all you mother's out there. I never clean anything on a Sunday. Will spend the day watching the hummingbirds fight over their territories.
  7. Thankfully all we had were flurries -- did break a record low for this date -- made it down to 26.
  8. We have done quite a few full Panama Canal cruises -- both directions. Loved them. We have also done several partial canal cruises. Also loved these as well. Which one are you looking at? What are your ports?
  9. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. No lost socks here. Maybe I should bring out the Indian peace pipe that was given to my great grandparents when my grandmother was born in a covered wagon on an Indian reservation somewhere in Kansas. I'll pass on the turkey meat loaf -- having salads. Saw some snow flakes at dinner time last evening. We are having colder weather now than we had in January and February.
  10. Only you can decide if you want to take the gamble that cruises will be up and sailing in 2021.
  11. Love the pictures -- especially of the birds.
  12. Thank you for the link. I would take that writer with a grain of salt. That writer should come to PA where we have lots of nursing homes and the Covid-19 had hit them very hard -- lots of deaths in them.
  13. Thank you for the Daily Report. I'll skip the sweet potato shepherd's pie. Having chicken and apple sauce for dinner. VE day -- they deserve to be honored.
  14. Thank you for the Daily report. Dinner sounds delicious. Tourism -- sad thought right now. Rich -- please don't give up this thread. Still lots for many of us to talk about.
  15. St Petersburg (have been there a few times -- even when it was Leningrad. Skagway Buenos Aires
  16. I have read several threads about crew not being able to return home (disembarking various ships). Sad situation.
  17. Wonder what islands/ports will be accepting cruise ships?
  18. Thank you for the link. I am not surprised at this decision. Feel sorry for people who had cruises booked.
  19. We have sailed on both ships. We like the Nieuw Amsterdam because she has the extra specialty restaurant -- Tamarind.
  20. Great pictures. Congratulations to the new graduate.
  21. Blooming apple tree:
  22. Thank you for the Daily report. Nurses here can get a free coffee and donut at Starbucks today through the drive up window. Having salads for dinner -- contain hard boiled eggs and vegetables.
  23. No We are no longer beach people and do like to roam around the towns -- see what has changed.
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