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  1. On the home stretch of a brutal drive from Tampa. We don't want to get to the port too early with the Coast Guard inspection and delayed boarding. If anyone at the port can give a heads up when boarding starts it would be much appreciated!!
  2. My parents took me on my first cruise in 2004 (or 2005). In an inside cabin. Many more followed, mostly insides. More recently balconies. Both are gone now. I would happily climb that ladder in the dark for another cruise with them. Even though I am closer to 60 than 50.
  3. Seeing my October 8th Crown cruise is listed in this thread with a Carnival ship for October 9th I looked at cabanas. As of yesterday there were 15 available. I also used a TA website that allows searching by port. Based on those results I do not believe there will be a Carnival ship at Princess Cays on October 9th. If there is I will stay onboard.
  4. Too much!! Although I have luck on occasion and my out of pocket expenses can be a couple of hundred dollars a night. But they only count what you put in, not what you take out. My last cruise was only a 4 day but I won $1500 on the last night and ended up walking off in the black. I would say I won't get a free cruise out of this one. I really shouldn't be going but who can turn down a 10 day Caribbean cruise? Final payment for my January cruise is due the day we sail. And that one is not free 😞
  5. I know I have a great cabin in C310 on the Crown but saw B749 available and love afts. Normally this would be an easy switch. But because I started with a free Oceanview from the casino and paid to upgrade to a BA GTY then got upgraded to a B2.. they couldn't/wouldn't switch me. It's all good. I am sailing 10 day Caribbean for $300 pp INCLUDING taxes and fees 🙂
  6. I am wondering about how the categories are structured. Specifically is a B4 higher than a B2. Thanks
  7. Also interested in knowing the smoking area on the Crown.
  8. Following.. wondering the same for Crown in October.
  9. Yeah and a BA is midship middle decks. But my upgrade is mid forward deck 10 so it is all good.
  10. Got my "1st assignment".. B2 mid forward Caribe deck balcony. Happy if that's where I end up. Forgot about the Premium Balconies when I thought I did the highest level balcony GTY. But considering we started with a free Oceanview and upgraded to the BA GTY fot $150 I am pretty pleased
  11. Booked a BA GTY on the Crown. Figure I can't go wrong with that. Hoping for a Mini which are currently listed as sold out.
  12. Hate the Royal but love the Regal. It's not so much the ship obviously but it's staff. Royal has issues from the top down.
  13. When you go to Anytime Dining, anytime you are ready to dine just let the hostess know you would like to "share". They will then seat you with other diners. And who you sit with every night will change.
  14. I tried using the locate option to find my sister. It sent me to a laundry room. She says she was never there...
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