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  1. Thanks for the info. I go this Saturday and can't wait to try the Mardi Gras I hope it's not too full. So happy to be cruising again.
  2. Can anyone who has cruised on Mardi Gras tell me if Miller Lite still comes in the 16 oz screw top can. Thanks
  3. Is water still in plastic bottles or have they changed to cans? I cruised on Celebrity a few weeks ago and they switched to cans. Did not like it. I am crusing on Mardi Gras on Saturday and hoping for bottled water.
  4. We bring the igloo hard plastic cooler (12 x 12 x 12) on every cruise. The hard plastic ones do not leak. The bartenders ice it up with our beers and waters during the day and our room steward ices it at night. Much better than the refrigerator. Icy cold drinks all the time. The cooler cost $10 in walmart. I carry it on with snacks in it; crackers, nuts, etc.
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the information
  6. Does anyone know if you can still carryon a 12 pack of soda (cans)? I have done it in the past, as I am a Mountain Dew fan and they only had Coke products.
  7. My point is, if you BOTH receive the casino offer, you do not have to book two cabins for BOTH of you to receive the items listed in the offer; fun play, Ultra gift, drinks in casino, as long as BOTH offers state you are entitled to these perks.
  8. They have, in fact, received the offers dependent on their gaming history. You do not have to book a cabin in your name to receive the fun play , the gifts (Ultra) and the drinks in casino. You can be staying in your friend/spouse cabin who is also receiving all these perks. We do it all the time.
  9. When i get the offer for a free interior cabin and $500 fun play, Ultra gift and drinks in casino for me and my quest, I book the cabin in my name and my friends name as my guest. My friend gets an offer for a discounted room, and $500 fun play, ultra gift and drinks in casino. She doesn't need the room, because she's staying in my free cabin, so she does not book a room. She still gets the $500 fun play, the Ultra gift and drinks in the casino. I have another friend who gets a free interior and $500 in fun play. Her husband gets a discounted cabin and $1000 in fun play. They book the cabin under the wife's offer as she gets the free cabin and she also gets $500 fun play. Her husband does not book a cabin and he still gets his $1000 fun play. They both get the drinks on us in the casino. If you both get an offer, you both get the fun play (and Ultra gifts) listed on your offer as well as the drinks in casino.
  10. So happy to hear she will be sailing to Port Canaveral soon. My July 17 cruise on the Mardi Gras was recently cancelled. Hopefully my 8/28 will be going. If not, maybe the 9/8, 10/16 or 11/6 I have booked. Sooner or later I will be on the Mardi Gras. Hopefully sooner.
  11. I am booked on the Mardi Gras in July, August, September, October , November and January. One of these days, cruising will return (hopefully by July 17). I look forward to hearing that she has left Barcelona and is on her way to Port Canaveral.
  12. It's on the wire for me. Cant get any more mid-July than July 17th. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  13. My June 5 Mardi Gras just cancelled. My next Mardi Gras is July 17, Still hoping for that one. If not my next Mardi Gras sailing is August 28 and then September 18. Sooner or later I will be on he Mardi Gras, hopefully sooner.
  14. Are you cruising on the Millennium from St Marten? I was thinking about doing a June cruise on the Millennium from St Marten, but wanted to fly there a week before the cruise and spend some time on the island.. Did not know if this would be possible, as the covid testing that we will have done in Florida prior to our flight would be expired by the time we cruise? Thanks for sharing your info. Hope you have a great time.
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