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  1. Thank you very much for your detailed comparison, appreciate it. You really confirmed my thoughts on Azamara. I don't think they will suit us as we prefer larger ships with more activities onboard.
  2. Thank you very much for your great review from the MSC Meraviglia and the amazing Yacht Club 😀 The Baltic Sea is a great destination for cruising. And welcome to the "club" of Yacht Club fans 👍😀 We have sailed the Yacht Club 11 times and it's a great way of cruising. You mentioned Azamara. We where tempted to go on a Azamara cruise next year but changed our plans. How would you compare the Yacht Club against Azamara? Best regards from Norway.
  3. We had a great cruise with lots of fun 😀 Great weather as well. But there was a lot of children in the YC this time of the year and it was almost impossible to take a svim in the YC pool as it was filled with kids playing. I will not sail the YC in the Mediterranean in August anymore. The forward One Pooldeck in the YC was quiet as the children was around the pool. The Aurea area was very quiet though. The YC passengers have access to the Aurea area and the YC drinkpackage can be used everywhere. No extra charge to use the Aurea area as long as you are in the YC.
  4. I've just returned from a great cruise in the YC onboard the sistership of the MSC Seaside, the MSC Seaview. The YC was packed with children as this is the high season in the Mediterranean. I noticed that in the Aurea which is located just aft of the YC it was much quieter and far fewer kids. The Aurea is very nice on the Seaside Class but it's not YC. But I wouldn't hesitate to sail Aurea. Here is couple a photos from the Aurea Sundeck and Bar on the MSC Seaview. It's a great place. You can also see the retractable glass roof of the solarium pool which is called jungle pool.
  5. Very exciting news about the MSC Magnifica. As Bea, we love the MSC Magnifica, she is a beautiful ship. Will be interesting to see if they will do three shows. The theater have more than 1100 seats, is much larger than the Lirica Class. Agree with Bea, they will for sure put in a Butcher's Cut as it is a very popular specialty restaurant. Enclosed is photo of the beautiful Royal Theater onboard the MSC Magnifica which I took during a great cruise in 2016.
  6. Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed Norway 👍 The Meraviglia YC experience is more or less the same as on the Fantasia Class except that the restaurant is located in the YC enclave. It's a beautiful YC and feels more intimate than the Seaview and Seaside. You are in for a great experience 👌
  7. Good evening from Norway 🇳🇴 We had a great cruise on the beautiful MSC Seaview and the company was wonderful. Cruising with the Irish was great fun. I really like the Seaside Class even if the ship are a bit to big. The YC experience is more personal on the Fantasia Class. I also find the food portions during dinner in the YC restaurant a bit on the small side... And then the cheesekake 😅 I will for sure make a video from the cruise. Stay tuned. Personally I do recommend the Seaside Class. They are great ships and offer a lot of entertainment and offers onboard.
  8. The Norwegian's say thank you for a great experience onboard the MSC Seaview. We had such a great time and lots of fun with you both. So much laughter 😁😄👍 Have a great flight back home 😀👌
  9. Thank you very much 👍 So far the August weather in the Middle part of Norway have been very good ☀️ Have a great cruise on the beautiful MSC Meraviglia. Welcome to Norway 🇳🇴
  10. The weather the last month have been amazing, lot's of sun and warm temperatures, quite opposite to June and the start of July which was very rainy and cold. No wonder we head for the sun and warm weather in the Mediterranean or Caribbean when cruising. However, I believe cruising in the Fjords is amazing regardless of the weather.
  11. Good morning from Norway 🇳🇴 Here is a couple of photos showing the MSC Orchestra sailing in the Norwegian Fjords on her way to Trondheim Yesterday in beautiful weather.
  12. Excellent Bea, will be very interesting to see how the island turns out when they are finished with the construction works. It's amazing how they are creating a totally new island 🏝
  13. I'm not going to book the Seashore inaugural season in the Mediterranean Sea. As Bea says, the boring itinerary and very high prices in the YC is not very appealing. It's about time that MSC offers some longer summer itineraries in the Mediterranean. Not only the 7 nights circuit routes. However, this year's itinerary on the Seaview is very attractive in my opinion.
  14. Thank you for the information, I was thinking the same. Yes, it's from the Sunset Beach Pool in the aft part of the ship. Awesome pool area with a great bar with gelato from Venchi. Soon 🔜 Bea 🤗
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