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  1. As of September 2019 MSC will change their highest tier in the Voyager Club from Black member to Diamond member according to this information from the MSC Fans website. No more information about additional perks and the entry level is still 10 000 points. https://mscfans.blog/2019/05/21/useful-information-msc-voyagers-club/?fbclid=IwAR1kj95SHtyggQiifjbfnTRCRqPg-cC0xnSnUSZcaNrqDeQh_ZjJE7SHol8
  2. Good morning from Norway 🇳🇴 Do Costa have a separate area on the pooldeck with sunbeds for suite guests? Or is it first come first serve basis with the usual chair hogging in force? Maybe different from ship to ship? The ship in question is the Costa Fortuna. Thank's 👍😀🛳️
  3. We have done two cruises in YC onboard the MSC Preziosa, the first one in the Mediterranean and the last one was in the Antilles in February this year. The Preziosa is a great ship and the newest in the Fantasia Class. We have sailed in YC on both the Meraviglia and Seaside Class and the experience on the Preziosa is similar, the YC is fantastic regardless of the ship. That said, the never ship have some amenities that the older ships, eg Preziosa don't have, like that the YC restaurant is within the YC enclave. The pooldeck is smaller and the outdoor grill don't have all the offers that the Meraviglia and Seaside Class have. But the pooldeck is very spacious and it never feels crowded. The YC restaurant on the Preziosa is placed in the aft section of the ship, on deck 15. But it's great to walk on the open decks in fresh air to the restaurant. You can also walk inside if you prefer that. All in all you can't go wrong in sailing the YC onboard the lovely MSC Preziosa 👍
  4. This is what I call a great review 👍👌 Excellent photos and thank you so much for posting photos of the menus in the Club Restaurant. I have not sailed on Costa yet but we are considering going in a Suite next February from Singapore. Your review give me a good idea of what to expect. Thank you 👍
  5. Thank you very much for your feedback 👍 So If I understand you correct, are the sailings on the Costa Fortuna from Singapore charters and not ordinary Costa cruises?
  6. I always find something to eat for lunch, there is a salatbar, fresh bread and a couple of hot dishes to choose from. Always freshly cooked pasta as well. And then some pastry. On our last cruise we ordered pizza from the speciality restaurant as well, delivered within 15 minutes. Excellent service. Sometimes we head out of the enclave to the main buffet and on our last cruise I was very impressed by the food quality and the great selection. Plenty to choose from. But you will not starve on the pooldeck 👍
  7. Here is a photo og the buffet and grill itself on The One Pooldeck in the YC onboard the beautiful MSC Fantasia. The photo is taken during lunch hours on a lovely sunny day.
  8. There is a outdoor bar and grill on the pooldeck in the YC onboard the MSC Fantasia. It's a very nice place to have breakfast and lunch, weather permitting. Hot dishes are served from the grill during lunch hours. See my attached photo. The Grill and buffet it's to the left of the bar.
  9. Here is a direct link to the video, enjoy 👍
  10. I'm following this thread with great interest as we are looking at the 7 night cruise on the Costa Fortuna from Singapore to Phuket in February 2020. We have never sailed on Costa. We are regular MSC cruisers and have also sailed on both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. We are considering a suite on the Fortuna. I can see that a drink package is included. Is there any other perks available when sailing in a suite on the Fortuna? How is the ship in general? Any venues without very load music in the evenings and finally are most of the passengers Europeans flying into Singapore? We really like this itinerary and I suspect that Costa have a lot of similarities with MSC which we love, especially the Yacht Club. Any answer very appreciated, thanks a lot.
  11. Excellent Bea, Thank's for posting. The figures looks very promising for the future for MSC Cruises. With cruising getting more and more popular year for year they are in a good position to fill their new ships in the future. And the megaships seems to make big profits for all lines.
  12. Here are a couple of menu examples from the YC onboard the MSC Seaview in the Med in July last year. We didn't starve and the food was very good. Agree with Bea, the menus don't change that often but from time to time there are some new dishes around as MSC is cooperating with famous chefs like Spanish Ramon Freixa. On our Preziosa cruise in the Antilles in February the menu was different.
  13. I suggest the MSC Magnifica which already have a magodrome indoor pool, perfect for the Northern Europe climate.
  14. Great photo Bea, thanks for sharing. Looks very nice 🙂 We didn't had al fresco lunch on our cruise from Las Palmas in January, a bit chilly for that.
  15. Thank you very much for the information, very interesting. Finally MSC are replacing the Tex - Mex restaurant on the MSC Fantasia and adding a new venue there. We did the Butcher's Cut for our Black Card Meal on the Meraviglia on the maiden voyage and loved it, great menu, food and service. In January we were on the Preziosa for a 7 night Antilles cruise and had our Black Card Meal meal in the Eataly Restaurant. Can't compare at all with Butcher's Cut. We're joining BEA in the Butcher's Cut on the Seaview 😄
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