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  1. Good morning, all. I am down a total of 1.8lbs. Belle, I hope you have a wonderful cruise. I can't imagine being on a cruise for 6 weeks. It sounds wonderful. Jan, have a great time at the wedding. shellebelle, awesome loss. Congratulations. Rose
  2. Belle, sorry to hear that you are still dealing with your car issues. The person who hit you is so irresponsible. What a shame. I'm glad to hear that you had a great cruise though. Nice to be looking forward to six weeks of vacation. I hope that you can resolve some of the car issues before you leave. pacruise, sorry about your stomach virus. Congrats on the loss though. You are doing great with the challenge. I stayed the same. Last week I forgot to weigh-in but I went to the dr for my follow-up and I was the same. So for me 0 of the 6lbs lost for the challenge. I am at my final goal weight, but would still like to see another 6lb loss. I will try. Rose
  3. Etta and cruises42, great losses. Congratulations. Belle, I am feeling well. I have my follow-up next Thursday and I'm sure he will give me a clean bill of health. I hope things are moving along with your car. Rose
  4. Belle, I like that. I hope I can be down 6 lbs by 12/27. I am actually under my final goal weight, but I think that my cardiologist might tell me to lose even more. I see him next week for my follow-up so I will know more then. skiiergirl, awesome loss for this week. Congrats! Rose
  5. nyer

    9-13-18 Thursday weigh-in

    Jan, I hope that you had a wonderful birthday yesterday. Mike, I would absolutely do the RCI cruise, but I am a fan of Royal's. I have been on Carnival, Royal and Princess and Royal is my favorite by far. I have not been on the Grandeur, but on her sister ship, the Splendor. That is not my favorite class of ship, but I would be happy to be on a cruise on most any ship. Rose
  6. nyer

    9-13-18 Thursday weigh-in

    katmu, I am so sorry about your fall. Please take care of yourself. Good luck with your subsequent surgeries. Rose
  7. nyer

    9-13-18 Thursday weigh-in

    Thank you everyone for the well wishes. I am feeling better every day. Belle, I am so sorry about your new car. What a headache for you and it wasn't even your fault! I hope that everything gets settled quickly so that you can enjoy looking forward to your upcoming trips. Diana, have an awesome cruise. Rose
  8. nyer

    9-13-18 Thursday weigh-in

    Mike, congrats on your loss. A couple of pounds is great. pacruise, congrats on your loss. I hope that you enjoy your cruise. I am down 6.2 lbs. Before we do a happy dance, I will explain why such a large loss in two weeks. Last week, I was in the hospital. I had an abnormal EKG at my routine check up with my cardiologist last month. He had me do several tests that came out fine. Despite that, he had a feeling all was not right and had me go into the hospital for a cardiac catherization. They found a small blockage and had to put in two stents. I am feeling well and I owe a great deal to the persistence of my cardiologist. I am now below my final goal weight, but I have a feeling when I see my doctor for my follow-up, he is going to want me to lose even more. Rose
  9. Happy Birthday, Belle. I hope that you have a great day! Rose
  10. I am up 0.6 lbs. Hopefully, next week it will be gone. Diana, great loss. Congratulations! Jan, congrats on your loss. Mike and Jo, at least you didn't have a gain. Good luck with the upcoming week. pacruise, sorry about the gain. Happy 18th Birthday to your daughter. Have a good time with your family. Belle, have a great birthday this weekend. Rose
  11. Diana, your cruise sounds awesome. I tried to talk my DH into doing a 28 day South Pacific cruise when he retires. He doesn't want to do it because it has 8 sea days at the end of the cruise. He is afraid he will be bored and get antsy. Belle, where is your cruise going? Rose
  12. Mike, great loss. Belle and pacruise, staying the same after eating out is good. Jan, hopefully, you will show a loss next week. Good luck. Belle and Diana, I am jealous. I have never been on such a long cruise. Where are you going? Have a great weekend everyone. Rose
  13. Belle, I enjoy your poems. You have such a good imagination. Diana, great loss! I am down 0.6 this week. Not much, but it's down so I'm happy. Rose
  14. Belle, that is a very good poem. I'm glad you enjoyed your evening with your friends. Jan, I am glad that you are seeing a loss. Anything that is not a gain is a good thing. I am down the 4+ lbs that I gained on my cruise. I know that it was mostly water weight, but I'm happy to be back to the exact weight I was when I left. Rose