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  1. Belle, love the poem. Jan, congrats on the loss. Have a great trip. Where are you going? Diana, good loss. Congratulations. Robin, sorry about the gain. I'm sure you will drop that by next week. I am down the .6 that I gained last week. Back to goal weight and trying to maintain. Happy Halloween to all Rose
  2. Diana, congratulations on the loss. 6 lbs in 8 weeks is great. Rose
  3. Heather, I was typing as you posted. Congratulations on the four lbs. That is an awesome loss
  4. Belle, thanks for the poem. Like Jan, I try to buy candy that I don't like. Jenny, what a great feeling! Fitting into clothes that didn't fit before is wonderful. Congratulations. Jan, staying the same is not a bad thing. I did not stay the same. I have been at my goal weight and I have been able to maintain that, but this week I am up .6 Rose
  5. Hi, all. I have been weighing myself but not having the time to get on here and post. Belle, thanks for the poem. I hope that you have been enjoying your cruises. Congrats to all the losers and stay the samers. Sorry about the gain, Jan and Robin. I am still maintaining at my goal weight. I would still like to get down another five pounds before my next cruise in April. Rose
  6. No, they were just regular smoothies. I am not sure if they have protein smoothies or not. I never checked in the Vitality Spa. They were for my young granddaughters.
  7. The only place I was able to purchase smoothies on the Anthem was in the Solarium at the bar.
  8. Andi, thanks for starting this thread. Jan, staying the same is good. No gain! I am the same....maintaining my goal weight still. I would like to go down another 5 lbs before my three cruises in 2020 though. Just to give myself some wiggle room. I hope that Belle is enjoying her cruise. Rose
  9. Thanks for the poem, Belle. Congrats to the losers, you had some awesome losses. Diana, four pounds in two weeks is not bad at all. I gained that on my nine day cruise. Jan, I understand how you feel. I can be down one day and up the next. I can never understand the scale. I am down 2 lbs this week. Which puts me 1.8 lbs under my goal weight. The challenge will now be maintaining that. I wouldn't mind another 5 lb loss. I have a 7 day cruise in April and then a 14 day in July, so I need to be prepared. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, everyone. Rose
  10. jennyb, Andrea, Jasonsmom, awesome losses. Jan and Carolinagirl, congrats to you too. Robincruiser, you and I are in the same boat. I am up .02 this week, making me .04 over my goal weight. Hopefully, I will be there when I weigh in next week. Rose
  11. Belle, those are questions we have all asked ourselves during our weight loss journey. Thanks for posting them. Congrats to all the losers. Diana, have an awesome cruise. I weighed in yesterday, but didn't have a chance to post. I am down 2.4 lbs. I am .02 away from final goal weight. So, almost all the weight that I gained on my cruise is gone. I was pleasantly surprised because we have had a big birthday party and a wedding to go to since I came home. I didn't drink at all so I know that helps a lot. I am mostly a water drinker with an occasional martini or glass of wine. Have a good weekend, all. Rose
  12. Belle, my weekend will be half and half. I am planning a quiet Saturday and then we have a wedding to go to on Sunday. We went to a surprise birthday party for my close friend since we've been back too. I'm thinking no loss this week, but I'm still trying. Diana, a two week cruise to Alaska sounds fabulous. I hope that you have a wonderful time. Rose
  13. Hi, all. I am back from my cruise. We had such a good time. It just goes by way too fast. We are already looking forward to our next cruise in April and then our big family celebration cruise in July. Thanks for the poem, Belle. Definitely no thong here. LOL Jan, you are doing so well. Like you said, look at the big picture. pacruise, congrats on the loss and congratulations to your daughter and her team. I gained 4.4 lbs on my cruise. I lost 1 lb of that already. I was a little under goal weight when I left for the cruise, so I have 2.4 lbs to get back to my final goal weight. Rose
  14. Jo, we will be on the Anthem of the Seas. It sails from Bayonne, NJ, which is very convenient for me since I live on Long Island. I am so looking forward to it. My DH and I need some down time. Our daughter, her husband and their two little girls travel with us. We are also taking our oldest granddaughter. She has gone with us several times and is fast becoming a cruise addict. LOL Have a great weekend. Rose
  15. GOAL!!! I DID IT! I am down 2lbs which puts me under my goal weight. Which is good because it gives me some wiggle room on my cruise next week. Now, I just need to maintain . Jan and Diana, congrats on the losses. Belle, thanks for the poem. pacruise, I hope your health issues aren't too serious. Good luck. I leave next week for my cruise, so I won't be here for the next two weigh-ins. Good luck everyone and I will post when I return. Rose
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