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  1. Thank you very much, euro cruiser.
  2. Can anyone please explain to me how you purchase "skip the line" tickets? We have a tour booked with Rome in Limo for next year. I looked at the site to buy the tickets for the Vatican and didn't see that as a selection. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Hi, all. I have been gone for a while (personal reasons), but I am back. I haven't weighed myself, but I am sure that I am up. I need to get serious too. Jan, staying the same is good. Jo, that gain is not a bad one. Belle, I hope that all has been well with you. My daughter is having a barbecue this weekend but I will try to be good and watch what I eat. Rose
  4. Belle, thanks for the poem. mel, great loss. Jan, sorry about the gain. I stayed the same. I'm not upset about that because I thought for sure that I would have a gain. My sister-in-law passed away last weekend and I have been doing some comfort eating. I am trying to get back on track now. Rose
  5. Welcome Holly and Susan. Good luck with your weight loss journey. Belle, we were able to get out and get her vaccine. The snow continued through the night and ended with a nice layer of ice. The main roads were not bad at all. We are expecting another couple of inches of snow later today. Rose
  6. Belle, your poem is perfect and exactly right. Izena, I'm glad your power is back on. Great loss. And awesome news about your cruise. Diana and Jo, I am with you. I am up .8. Ate ice cream last night and that never ends well. We are in the midst of another snowstorm. Forecasting that the snow will end with ice on top of it. My daughter has her vaccine appointment tomorrow morning, so this has me worried. Fingers crossed that we can make it there. Rose
  7. Belle, I agree with you about being sad and disappointed with the outcome of the trial. What a travesty. We did get a small ice storm. Fortunately, it melted off very quickly and the roads were passable by late morning. We are expecting another one Monday night. After this next round of storms, they are forecasting only rain for us. I hope that holds true. We still have tons of snow on the ground. mel, that must have been a very scary hail storm. Izena, stay safe if the storm hits you. Diana, I am so happy that your husband has his app
  8. Hail can cause the same problem. Usually we don't get hail for long enough to form sheets of ice, but it has happened.
  9. It is not a stupid question if you live in an area that never has that kind of weather. With an ice storm, all the moisture in the air will freeze and settle on the ground as ice instead of snow. It is seriously dangerous because you can't plow the streets to get rid of it and the streets and sidewalks become a great big skating rink.
  10. mel, I hope that your DH is going to be fine. That happened to my older daughter and my son-in-law (daughter #2's husband). They were exposed at their respective jobs but fortunately because they are careful and are always masked they did not catch the virus. They had to be tested and they both quarantined just in case. Possible ice storm headed our way tonight into tomorrow morning. Then, again Monday night into Tuesday morning. 😳 Rose
  11. Belle, Mexican food will definitely do that. But, it's so yummy, hard to resist. I'm sure its mostly water weight and will come off fast. DH and I rarely get any kind of takeout and I really miss it. Looking at another snowstorm heading our way. I am hoping it turns out to be nothing much. I am tired of winter already and staring at all this snow. It's not even pretty like Jo's backyard. It dirty and icy. Oh well, it's February in New York, so it's to be expected. Rose
  12. Thanks for starting us off, Belle. I wish I had the willpower to avoid chocolate if I had it. I tell my DH not to buy me any candy and then I don't have to worry about it. Congrats, Jan. mel, salty foods will do it to us every time. Diana, congrats on no gain. I am down .8. It snowed again here last night. We are expecting more snow this weekend and possibly another storm after that one. The roads were very icy here this morning. I had my second dose of the vaccine yesterday. So far, I am feeling fine. I hope to stay t
  13. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. Belle, yes we did get the big snow storm last weekend. 14 inches where I live on Long Island. And we are gearing up for another storm tomorrow, but they say about 8 inches this time. It took them three days to plow my street. I live on a small cul-de-sac with only three houses and they tend to forget about us. We always have to make a fuss about it before we get plowed. I have a cruise booked for July, but we are pretty sure that we will cancel. My granddaughters will not be vaccinated by then and my daughter d
  14. Mel and Izena, awesome losses. Congrats. Diana and Jan, congrats on no gain. I, too, stayed the same. I get my second shot on Weds. I am anticipating not feeling well after it. I agree with Izena, I will take not feeling well for a short time to getting the virus. Belle, hope all is well with you. Rose
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