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  1. Will you be able to find out which evening the Windjammer has their chocolate buffet? I’ve been told the 5th night but want to make sure😊. Thank you!
  2. Putting that on my schedule - Saturday MDR chocolate fountain!
  3. I hope they have a chocolate fountain, too! Or is that unsanitary - like a shared fondue or something?
  4. I've heard it's not posted in the Cruise Compass and was on the Mexican food night, not to say they couldn't change it to day 6 or change the Mexican food night to another night. I'll be checking w/WJ peeps on day 5. Mexican and Mongolian sound very good, too!
  5. I'm hearing that there is a chocolate buffet in the Windjammer, typically (unannounced) on day 5. . .
  6. And I'm hearing Sorrento's pizza has improved - is this true?!
  7. Any special plans in St. Thomas and St. Maarten? I assume you've been to both ports lot of time. We'll be on Harmony next month and plan on taking a ferry over to St. John which will be a first for us. Not sure what to do in St. Maarten, if anything. We've been to both ports multiple times.
  8. I read that string and didn't realize it made some people angry. I heard about it and and planned on hiding 3 on our upcoming September Harmony trip - one of them will include a Starbucks card. I know there are some people who get carried away buying 100+ ducks - that's going a little overboard. FYI: you can make the tags yourself.
  9. Do you need to be concerned going out to the swimming bar? Sharks and stingrays? I've heard about the jelly fish. We'll be there in September. . .what do you think we can expect?
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