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  1. sorry I misunderstood your initial post. So, in your experience...have you had any cruises not refunded this close to sail date (or after sale date)?
  2. ugh. So we are not alone. I am so sorry. yeah. I feel the same. my husband is not there quite yet though. we still have 5 more sailings booked (one this fall and 4 next year)....which I would feel OK about if the refunds and FCC were being handled well...but s is, I would prefer RCI not be holding any of our money at this point. I suspect they are big enough and hold enough reserves to "weather this storm" but not if they cannot treat customers well in the meantime. We also had a DCL cruise cancelled which was handled quickly and painlesssly. Their product is a lot more expensive, but dang their customer service was there when we needed it...that is worth a lot.
  3. unfortunately we have other plans for May 2022 which prevent us from doing the same (this was originally a 2020 sailing as is). I am g lad you were able to get a good solution using that option. it is a great one if schedules allow for it.
  4. So you think we should just wait patiently for an indefinite time while the cruise line holds about ten thousand dollars for a sailing cancelled over three months ago? This isn't the very start of the pandemic when everyone was taken by surprise and needed to develop procedures and plans. Not is it a reasonable after cancellation to allow for processing. Should we shrug it off for another three months? A year? I mean, really..
  5. We had six or seven RCI cruises cancelled over the past year and a half. The others (including two cancelled after this one) we got refunds in 2-4 weeks. But they keep saying Alaska is different. It's very weird and I'm trying to get a feel for if we're outliers or other Alaska cancellations have had the same issues and how to go about fixing this. TBH we're darned tempted to just context the charges with the credit card at this point.
  6. 🤣if only! Our travel agent is up to 12 phone calls and STILL cannot get RCI to say when we will see refunds (or FCC) for the sailing cancelled in February for 30 May.
  7. Our family had 3 cabins booked for Alaska leaving 30 May 2021 (out of Vancouver). This was cancelled based on press releases from RCI back in February (for obvious reasons with Canadian port closures). Here we are 12 days from the originally planned sailing date and still no refunds or FCC (one of 3 cabins would prefer an FCC). Our travel agent has called many times and is always told it is not officially cancelled in the system yet so the refunds cannot be processed but it will happen "soon" or in "2-3 days" (same story since early April, prior to that it was that it would process "in April" We have also called, and after some pushing to get them to speak to us instead of our TA been given the same answer (at least five calls from us...including today). I find it horrible that RCI is holding this money so long...it hardly seems legal. Are others having to wait until less than two weeks prior to the booked sailing that was cancelled before seeing any money back? Any ideas on what else to do to get RCI to do the right thing and refund?
  8. The ship is marketed primarily to the Chinese market. The menus are different to reflect more Chinese tastes. Etc. But sure, go ahead and believe it's the exact same product marketed exactly the same way as the ships sailing to Western destinations. Doesn't bother me. Just don't be a jerk to crew if you ever take one of those sailings and don't enjoy the less western food offerings, some main stage entertainment not being in English at all, etc. Personally, I loved the changed experience and am sad to have missed sailing from Shanghai on RCI again this year.
  9. Cruises leaving from US ports cannot be cruises to nowhere, as noted above. Cruises to nowhere leaving from other countries could be an option as the industry restarts
  10. There's a river cruise currently underway in Germany. A French line is selling iteneraries From France (mostly only French ports, but I think one UK as well) from next month. Tui is looking at German ports only cruises for later in summer. etc I have a feeling Royal will also start with similar things....Asia cruises that only port in China, EU cruises with only one nation or only certain sets of nations with all good control and monitoring of covid-19, etc. We are currently booked to sail Jewel from Copenhagen to Barcelona mid August. I doubt that itenerary will remain unchanged, but at this point I would sail it if it did, especially if only passengers who are residents of the Schengen zone are allowed onboard. I woudl worry about infection in a balcony cabin on a ship sailing those ports, with EU passengers less than I would worry just going out to teh store in teh US right now.
  11. That's not surprising at all. The Celebrity brand is marketed primarily to a western audience regardless of where it sails. Royal sailings from China are marketed towards the Chinese and many things onboard are changed specifically to appeal to that market.
  12. I guess that's one of the great things about Royal...there are ships and sailings for everyone. Me? I much prefer a more diverse group of cruisers. Meeting a variety of people and getting out of my own little bubble is one of the things I most enjoy about cruising
  13. You do realize that RCI has regular sailing from Shanghai and a strong Chinese customer base, regardless of the Olympics, correct? We sailed from Shanghai in March 2019 and had b2b sailings from Shanghai booked for this March (a trip which was obviously cancelled). These are sailings geared towards the Chinese market with few westerners onboard.
  14. About ninety percent of their passengers on most sailings from Shanghai were Chinese anyway. I can see reduced capacity, only Chinese nationals sailings happening. Possibly with no stops outside China Things appear to be far more under control there than in the US at this point.
  15. Here is the article I saw which mentiosn China sailings as of 1 July and Europe and Asia likely to start before the US: https://www.trvltrend.com/cruise/royal-caribbean-to-resume-sailing-on-august-1/
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