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  1. I have been to Las Caletas twice. Once on HAL and once on NCL.. The island is very nice. However, the HAL excursion was not private, it included people from hotels. And it seemed like the food was better on our NCL excursion.
  2. I have cruised to Alaska 5 times, twice on NCL and three times on HAL. The most important things to check are the ports the cruise stops at (I really like Sitka) and especially the length of time the cruise stops in each port. A 8am to 5pm stop is obviously better than a 1pm - 5pm stop.
  3. Any recent Aegean Odyssey cruisers out there who can let us know the current condition of the ship? Would much appreciate it!
  4. It was on a Thursday and the flight was at 10:50am.
  5. It's certainly "do-able". We were on the Getaway in July of this year. We arrived back in Copenhagen on 7/4, did self-embark (carried all our luggage with us) and were off the ship at 7:30. There were many taxis and it took about 25 minutes to get to the airport. We were on British Air and their check-in counters didn't open until about an hour after we got to the airport. After checking in, going through security and then border control (get in the line on the far left - it's much faster) we were at the gate with enough time to spare to get a coffee at the little stand.
  6. Does anyone know if the AO is going to ready to go for the cruises in September? Other than the engine has anything else been done to the ship? And on a related note - is Road Scholars going to make any changes to the ship (cabins, food, dining options) before it takes over the ship in 2020?
  7. We had a Retreat Cabana on the Eurodam on our cruise from FLL to SEA several years ago. It was great and we used it every day - even on the portion from San Diego to SEA even though it was a bit chilly.
  8. Actually, yes, you can make it work. We did it just last week. Our flight was at 10:50. Did self-embark and carried our own luggage off. Left the ship at 6:55 AM, taxis were readily available, got to the airport at 7:30. We were flying British Air and had to wait until around 9am for the counter to open. We were close to the front of the line, checked our bags and got boarding passes. Security line was a bit long but made it through easily. Same with Boarder Control. (Take the line on the far right - it seemed to move more quickly) We were at the gate with about 45 minutes to spare.
  9. Left the Getaway this AM. Account as of 5am today showed $60 in refundable credit (post taxes refund) and $11 in non-refundable OBC. At 6am decided to get a fancy drink at Starbucks to use up some of the latter credit. Previous drinks had been charged against the non-refunable credit. Assumed the $60 would be refunded to my credit card. Go to leave the ship and can't get through security. They sent me to the Front Desk. Turns out they HAD to refund me in cash, and wanted to give me $51 - the $60 less the cost of my drink. I suggested they use the $11 I had left in non-refundable credit. They s
  10. Thanks! Really appreciate the comments and suggestions.
  11. Between Taste, Savor and Tropicana which is best? Less crowded? Do we need reservations? This is my first time on an Away class ship so am looking for answers! TIA.
  12. I completely agree. I know the concept is so that you have everything in one bite but I can easily do that if the food is side by side on the plate. Also, if one of the food items isn't very good, if it's stacked it taints all the rest of the food.
  13. Probably the only way we will find out how this experiment turned out (in HALs eyes) is if and when the $10 surcharge shows up on the menus again.
  14. Thanks for the information. I will check out their specials!
  15. Interesting. How does Star Clippers compare to WindStar? Would appreciate your thoughts.
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