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  1. When my cruise was cancelled in March, I took the refund. My October cruise was just cancelled, and I plan on taking the FCC and OBC, and booking an October 2021 cruise. I had prepaid the gratuities. Does that go with the FCC, or will it be refunded? Earlier this month, I cancelled shore excursions, beverage package and internet, but was unable to cancel the prepaid gratuities. Either way, I'm happy, just want to know what to expect.
  2. Thank you - I had called Southwest last week - and they said only flight cancellation funds that expired March 2020 - September 2020 would expire Sept 2022. If I cancelled, the representative said I had to use by March 2021. I just spoke with another representative and as long as the cancellation is done by September 7, the funds would be available through September 2022. Glad I called them again. Sort-of like talking to Carnival representatives - different answers each time😁
  3. We are currently booked on the Fascination out of Puerto Rico for October 2020, but since last week, the only 6+ day cruises from PR have been missing. We are waiting for cancellation (which would probably come after final booking), and have been looking at the same cruise for March 2021. Today, the first available booking date out of PR is Sept 2021. I understand the why, but we already have airfare purchased last March - we can cancel, but have to rebook the airfare before March 2021 - Southwest policy - can cancel but must rebook before 1 year from original purchase. We had plan
  4. Still waiting for Gift Card refund. Cruise was 3/15, cancelled on 3/13. Received all credit card refunds between May 12 and May 16th, but nothing for the Gift Cards. Called two weeks ago, and was told to call back after 90 days - called last week and they see the cancellation, but no GC issued. They put in a "search" order to see what happened to the request for GC. I'll wait another week before calling...again. I have an October cruise (fingers crossed but not too hopeful at this point) with final payment in July - I was planning on using the GC for final payment, since I have no other u
  5. Still waiting for the gift card from beverage package purchase. Paid part gift card, and par credit card. Credit card was credited on 5/12, but no gift card yet. All other refunds received.
  6. No gift card refund yet. Cruise was scheduled for 3/15, and cancelled 3/13. Paid for beverage package with gift cards; cruise, excursions and gratuities paid with credit card. Received credit card refunds about 10 days ago, so just waiting for this last bit.
  7. Starting to worry about our refund. Our cruise was March 15 and was cancelled on March 14. Last week we received refund for purchased OBC and spa item. But we are still waiting for our deposit, final payment, gratuities, and beverage package. I guess I'll try to be patient, but if they were refunding in order of cancellation, I would think we would have received more of our refunds back.
  8. I booked my cruise through a TA and was hoping to go. I work for a school, and was just informed that if I cruise I would need to self-quarantine for 14 days when I return, which is not a possibility. Yesterday, I received an update from Carnival and can complete a form for cancellation - can I do that, or do I need to go through my TA. I have left multiple messages for the TA and his company, but no return emails or calls. Also, are FCC usable on an existing booking, as I have another cruise booked in October. TIA
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