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  1. Yes, that makes sense. I didn’t think about a medical emergency etc. I have a feeling we will cancel.
  2. I’m booked on the first Boston Bermuda cruise in 2022. Done the trip many times since we can drive to port and avoid air travel. I wouldn’t mind just staying on the ship for the whole week, and not disembarking at any time. Do you think I could avoid all the Bermuda requirements? I’m vaccinated and would just do the NCL required testing.
  3. Received complete refund back to my credit card this week.
  4. Hi, this cruise was cancelled by NCL after final payment. I requested refund via their email link.
  5. We had Boston Bermuda booked 5/8/20. on 3/11/20 I asked for refund of pre paid gratuities and up sell beverage package through my PCC. Told it would take 7-10 days. Not a dime yet. on 4/14/20 requested refund of cruise. Of course nothing on that either. We are platinum plus, our first cruise was on the SS Norway. Have Pride of America booked in 2021. Losing hope for future cruising. Brian
  6. My PCC told me it’s taking 90 days for refunds at this point
  7. Hello, We did 14 day Alaska San Francisco to Vancouver in aft penthouse on the Sun. Pretty sure it was deck 10. Can’t recommend this enough for Alaska cruise. Awesome large deck for viewing and some protection from the elements. Can access deck from separate bedroom and the living room. Bathroom has tub/shower combo AND another separate shower. The butler service for this cruise helped out. We had breakfast in room before tours etc. Also had lunch during the day in Glacier bay. Smaller ship so easier on and off at ports. Ask me anything if u have questions. I’ve been on the Sun twice, both aft penthouse. Brian
  8. Just received my tags for 5/8 Boston/Bermuda. It made me sad because deep down I know this will be cancelled.
  9. We are booked on the May 8th Gem Bermuda. Just got my PP gratuities and Bev Pckg upgrade refunded to card. Haven’t cancelled yet, but losing hope. According to CDC , my husband and I should not cruise. I wonder if the governor and mayor will allow cruise ships into Boston? Seems crazy to have all the passengers and crew mingling at cruise port and into the city during outbreak. Hoping NCL has to cancel so we can get refund, not FCC. Holding on until a few days before. Brian
  10. I’m still on the fence for our May Boston/Bermuda cruise. MA governor just declared state of emergency. Was hoping to go, but both myself and husband meet some of the criteria of CDC and State Department advising not to cruise. I’m not ready to cancel, but can I get cash back to credit card for add ons at this point? Thanks, Brian
  11. I’ve read all the info regarding the cancellation policy. I just have one question: I’m booked on Gem Boston/Bermuda 5/8/20. I also have the Pride Hawaii booked in October 2021. If I cancel the Gem, can I apply the FCC to the Pride cruise? All the language seems to reference a “new booking” The number of cases is increasing daily in the Boston area, so Im doubtful that I would enjoy this cruise. Thanks, Brian
  12. Thanks Shidah for the quick response....looks like it will be worth it for us.
  13. Does the premium plus beverage package include bottles of wine at lunch? I understand that they will be on a special list.
  14. Wow.....what a great review. Thanks for taking the time. We’ll be on the ship in September Quebec City to Boston. First time in a Neptune suite. Ours is aft on deck four. The suite video was helpful. Happy New Year. Brian
  15. LOL No....not planning on 15 glasses of wine per day. I was just curious how the system worked on HAL.
  16. Hello. All the information here has been very helpful. Special thanks to Ruth! My partner and I just booked a Neptune suite aft 4185 on Zuiderdam Quebec City to Boston. Our only other HAL Cruise was Nordam in 1996. We’ve done mostly NCL since then , but we are branching out now having recently done an Oceania. Planning to purchase Elite beverage package on board, since price appears the same pre cruise. My question is for wine drinkers. On NCL and Oceania at lunch or dinner, your wine glass is never allowed to be empty if you order a glass covered by the package. They wine stewards on O definitely do not keep track. Is this the same on HAL? Do they really count each glass of wine and keep track of that toward the 15 drink per day maximum? Are paper receipts used for each drink? NCL and O don’t do this any longer. Can Neptune suite guests add the beverage package in the Neptune lounge with the concierge? Thanks all, Brian
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