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  1. Video from the Pride November 2019. Rough seas and high winds caused us to return to Baltimore Monday instead of Sunday. Great cruise, though! IMG_3320.MOV
  2. Could you provide a link to the CDC article? It seems that masks, when worn correctly, do prevent droplets from entering the air.
  3. Not sure about now, but on the Vista in 2016, we have Havana stickers on our S&S cards as well.
  4. Would rather get CCL emails too! I usually book with my TA - wondering if that's why I don't receive any emails. Regardless, just happy to have a few cruises to look forward to. Be safe!
  5. Yes to both! Been sailing with CCL since 2008. No biggie.
  6. Maybe 😁 It would be nice to hear from them a little though 😉
  7. I have the opposite problem: I don't receive any marketing emails. None. Nada. Wondering if it's because I'm Canadian, with 4 cruises booked. No clue 🤷🏻‍♀️
  8. Based on my experience on the Vista class ships, the only people who you should see while enjoying your patio, are your fellow Havana guests. I can't imagine this would be different on the Celebration.
  9. November 2021 on the Magic. Hopeful, but not counting on it. I'm also booked on the Horizon in 2022 and the Panorama in 2023. Can't wait to get back!
  10. Not to mention the states with the most popular embark ports (Florida, Texas, and California) are experiencing a surge of cases.
  11. I'm so happy for the New York area! I don't think you'd want an influx of people from other states descending on New York right now. Half of the US states are experiencing an increase in cases since opening back up, sadly.
  12. I have not read through all the responses here, but with cases rising in many embark states (Florida, Texas, California), it's very understandable why CLIA is voluntarily extending the pause.
  13. I agree. They've added a guarantee option, where it doesn't belong. I can certainly see where the OP could get the wrong impression.
  14. Room type just means “interior” in this case. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone being given a Havana cabin via a guarantee booking. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. You will more than likely not be booked in a Havana interior. They often sell out quickly.
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