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  1. thanks!! I guess it seems boring because i don't see much online about the things to do for kids- i looked at daily navigators, or whatever they are called respectively and couldn't see much that would be exciting to our kids- coupled with reviews that weren't glowing, we got worried!! I agree that its a hotel first, and we are there for the scenery though!! we would like a cruise from Vancouver, and we would like to explore Alaska while in ports, but i don't think we will be adding on a land portion at this time... our budget isn't able to accommodate both port adventures and the land tours.
  2. :') sorry .... bad pun!! Ok, so our family of 4- DH and I and 11 and 14 yo. kids would like to set sail for Alaska. We have sailed once on Carnival and basically said cruising's not for us.... we decided to give DCL a try.... and loved it. we have since done a few DCL voyages to the carribbean and really love it! We have decided on a vacation to Alaska next July and we're having trouble deciding on which cruise line to book with- DCL is comfortable to us, but it is so high priced. We wouldn't have room in our budget for all the cool excursions. The only other ships we are considering based on dates and itinerary are RCCL Radiance of the seas and NCL Jewel... compared to DCL wonder, these ships seem so boring! I know thats not the purpose of an Alaska trip, which is why we are even having this debate- But although there is much to see and do while in port, there are still whole days of sailing that will be spent on board. I feel like RCCL and NCL either don't offer a ton of options for the kids on these ships or they charge extra for them... so have you been in this position and what have you done? I won't do Alaska without fun port adventures, it's like staying in a hotel and not leaving. not for us!! we looked at the RCL ovation, which is a great ship but not an itinerary we are interested in as much. have looked at princess as well and i guess that's on the table, anything else we could consider?? We are not doing a cruise-tour with land portion as our budget does not allow that AND port adventures. so....
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