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  1. The ship board ones are not strong enough for me. I would be very unhappy if I didn't have my blower. I would be even more unhappy if it was my DH would made me leave it home! 🤨
  2. We are sailing in our first sky suite on the Reflection. Also wondering about the Butler service. I had read somewhere that the butler can bring cappuccino or espresso. Is there an extra charge? With a premium package? Same question for Bottled water? Will they restock as we have a premium package or do we need to go fetch ourselves? Just curious. I am really hoping we like Luminae. We have always loved our Blu experiences and the food. Decided to move up to a sky suite for the space and to try something new. As this is a port intensive cruise we will likely have breakfast most days in the cabin. Do we just call room service or do we order through the Butler and is the menu different for suites?
  3. Thanks so much for your review thus far! We are also going to be on the Reflection in a few weeks. May I ask which internet package you have? The surf or the high speed one with streaming capability? Thanks!
  4. We don't dress up for formal nights anymore. My husband hates wearing a suit on vacation. He will wear slacks and a button down and I'll do anything from a dress to a pair of slacks and a top. We have seen other cruisers in both jeans and formal gowns. Wear what you are comfortable in within the guidelines. It is your vacation. Enjoy!
  5. Where were the focus groups when they were designing the cabins? I remember when the Solstice Class was first being introduced, the press releases were all about the focus groups and how the cabins were designed with these women in mind. Enter the metal foot bar in the showers!! 🙂 Now if they get rid of those...….lol From a celebrity press release "The Solstice Class also offers larger, more intuitive staterooms influenced by "Celebrity’s Leading Ladies," five Boomer women with unique travel and hospitality insights." I think they need to bring those ladies back! They would have told them to keep the foot stools.
  6. We always tip an extra $10 - $20 depending on the size of our party as we never knew the amount of the gratuity going to the server. I will look on this upcoming Reelection sailing to see if our receipt shows 18% of the upcharge has been earmarked as gratuity and if so decide based on service 🤨
  7. Happy to see that the Celebrity Move -up Tracker has now been pinned to the top of the Celebrity board! But where are all the move up offers? Are they fewer and farter between because its summer and the ships are going out full? Are the upgrade offers just too high so no one is bidding? Or are folks just not posting their experiences? Thoughts?
  8. Format for CELEBRITY MOVE UP TRACKER - Last Revision: June 02, 2019 (up to and including Post #24) Ship: Reflection Length of Cruise: 12 Nights Cruise Sail Date: July 8, 2019 Date email offer received: 5/16/2019 Captain’s Club Tier [“PREVIEW” = first Celebrity Cruise]: Elite Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: TA Current Cabin: 1A Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: Aqua Bid Offer: $200 Notification Date: N/A Accepted / Rejected Withdrawn on 6/4 General Comments (offer details, etc.) Offer details - FV- $100, CC-$100, AQ- $150, SS- $1000, CS -$1500, Sig S- $2000, RS- $2500. Bid on Aqua on 5/17. On 6/4 there was a 24 hour flash sale with a price drop that allowed me to move to Aqua and keep perks, pick cabin and get points, and get the CC 1 cat upgrade so we withdrew. Two things to know. The day after we withdrew someone on our sailing had a bid to move to Aqua from a Veranda accepted for $180 and, the move up Page now has a slightly reduced amount if we want to try for a suite. SS - $900.
  9. I wish we could get this pinned to the top of the forum. Its a great way to share info!
  10. When I go t o my cruise planner I still see the upgrade to Premium from Classic at a cost of 12pp per day. It does not have the 20% off. Did you have to call?
  11. Thank you for creating this thread. Bumping it back up so results can be shared!
  12. Keeping an eye on this thread. Hoping for a successful bid 🙂
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