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  1. I had similar issues with Princess reservations. Because the refunds were to be given out by various departments, I had to wait until one department cleared the item and then passed it along to the other. Took a while but I finally got everything straightened out. Yes, my cruises stayed in My Cruise Planner until all refunds were done.
  2. Was your cruise cancelled by the line or yourself? Mine was a simple cancellation (no FCCS) just a plain ole refund of my cruise deposit and nothing more. After going through numerous long-awaited refunds from Princess I know it is no fun to wait for refunds. Hope you get yours soon.
  3. FYI: Just wanted to report back and let you all know that I got my refund from RC for a cruise that we cancelled. Had TA cancel the cruise on 9/10/21 and our refund of $500 was refunded back to our original card on 9/14/21.
  4. We have taken many whale watching excursions with both companies below and always had a good experience. Both companies have reviews on Cruise Critic and TripAdvisor if interested. Icy Strait: Glacier Wind Charters https://www.g-wind.com/ Juneau: Jayleen's Alaska https://jayleensalaska.com/ Tracy Arm: Some cruise lines offer a small boat experience that off loads from the ship (have done that a few times and it was nice.) If interested, check your cruise lines' excursion list to see if one is offered.
  5. We sailed in August and received our assignment 3 days before we cruised.
  6. I just cancelled a cruise today --- done through my TA. All I had on the reservations was a $500 deposit. My TA said the RC agent said it would take about 8 weeks to get it credited back to my card. Seems like a long time --- hope it really doesn't take that long.
  7. We were on the 8/22 Majestic to Alaska. We could have two services but requested only one. Actually, we liked the fact that we had options. We often like to retire early and not having to wait for a cabin steward to come by was nice.
  8. You are lucky to have met Budget Queen. She was always so private in her postings (no pictures.). I do remember her describing herself as someone who was always out on deck with binoculars round her neck --- other than that, no identifiers. The fact that she attended "repeater parties" is another piece of the puzzle that I didn't know. She never mentioned social activities that I could remember. Agree, she was full of thrifty ideas.
  9. $125 taxi ride? I have never heard of one that high. Where in the heck did he take you?
  10. We eat light so we usually do the buffet. We were on the 8/22 cruise and also missed the theme nights. Selections were definitely scaled back and I do think these times will pass. As for the desserts, I was really disappointed with the selections. We will be on the Majestic next June and hope that things return to normal.
  11. I was on the 8/9 Serenade of the Seas sailing to Alaska out of Seattle. I called Royal to see if I could get round trip bus transfers to the pier/airport. I was told that since I did not use their air service, I could not book airport to pier. I could, however, book pier to airport and that is what I did. We were staying at an airport hotel one day prior to embarkation so we had Seattle Express pick us up at the hotel and transport us to the pier --- wonderful experience and on time. From here on out, whenever in Seattle, I will use Seattle Express.
  12. We were on the 8/22 Majestic cruise to Alaska. Masks required in the casino -- yes. However, we noticed a lot of people hanging around smoking (not gambling) -- we felt some people were taking advantage of the situation to unmask as they certainly could go outside and smoke. Although there was a sign for the elevators, we noticed that they were very crowded. We often took the stairs or opted to wait for another elevator. Only time we saw someone enforce the mask rule was on 2 occasions in the buffet.
  13. Same old hair dryer where you have to hold down the button. We just came off of the 8/22/sailing.
  14. I am with you, Coral. Not like Budget Queen to miss providing input for Alaska cruisers. Hopefully, she will return to the boards in the future.
  15. Not afraid at all. The two guides had pepper spray and flares to scare off the bears if necessary. The viewing area is elevated and the pathway to get to the viewing area is minimal. I have gone to Anan Creek twice and was more scared taking the pathway to that elevated viewing area because the trek was longer. In Anan, we had to stop our walk because a bear was coming across our path. In Anan, our guides had guns, a knife and pepper spray. With both trips I knew we were in capable hands as all the guides took the appropriate precautions to keep us informed and safe. I would not hesitate to do the trips again.
  16. Yes we did have some rain -- nothing real heavy just short bouts of sprinkles and quite a bit of fog throughout the cruise. We saw about 6 to 8 bears on our excursion -- hard to keep count as some of them were weaving in and out of the bushes. Definitely made our day. Glad you saw so many and had a good time.
  17. Nice bear pictures. Did you take the bear tour at the Rainforest Sanctuary? We did this last week and had a great time.
  18. Simply the best. We never miss an opportunity to purchase popcorn at Orca Corn.
  19. We just got off the Majestic on August 29th. If you are looking for a watch on the ship, ask for Camilla in the watch store. Camilla is very knowledgeable and personable. When we met Camilla she asked my husband questions about what he was looking for and suggested a product that would meet his needs. He ended up getting a Citizen Ecodrive with a Sapphire face (my husband is hard on watches and this one will resist scratches.) Camilla kept assuring us that she wanted to make sure we were happy with our purchase and let her know if there were any problems. Great customer service.
  20. It wasn't working on 8/14 when we were there.
  21. Overall, how was the weather on your cruise? We leave on the Majestic on Sunday. I know that weather can change at the drop of a hat in Alaska --- just curious what you all experienced.
  22. In the buffet, is there any social distancing of tables? Or, are all tables available.
  23. We just returned from Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas to Alaska and will be sailing on Princess' Majesty of the Seas on August 22nd. One of the things we had to do while on the Serenade was to wear masks both on the ship and in ports. I know that Princess is requiring masks on the ship --- have they given any indication that masks are to be worn while in port?
  24. We just returned from Alaska and had a whale watching tour with Jayleen on August 13th. We consider ourselves very lucky as our tour was almost cancelled -- fortunately, weather conditions improved and we had a spectacular time. We saw quite a few whales including one in particular who was doing quite a lot of fin slapping. Jayleen thought it might be a mom trying to communicate with her calf. We also saw something that I have never seen before and that was the most magnificent rainbow that seemed to follow us for miles and stretched from one edge of the water to the other. I have always said that we go with no expectations and are blessed when unusual things happen -- it certainly did that day. We have another whale watching tour scheduled with Jayleen next week. We understand that we are taking a chance due to weather but we know that Jayleen will cancel if conditions are not good --- we are ok with that --- safety first and we appreciate that about her.
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