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  1. Caribill- I am speaking to Terminal 2 only. Not sure about other terminals. It has a separate expedited security for Premium classes or if you have status with an airline. I wasn’t clear if I was eligible because of my known traveler number or my status. It’s called Fast Track. I was reading it’s available upon arrival also. The immigration wait times can be very long. https://www.heathrow.com/airport-guide/terminal-facilities-and-services/fast-track/airline-eligibility
  2. Day 13 - disembarkation Disembarkation was amazingly easy considering the number of people they have to move. I made life easy and booked the $59/pp Princess transfer. It was a full 2 hr ride to the airport. It took 30 minutes just to get to terminal 2 upon entering the airport. Traffic was crazy. It was a Monday morning, not that there isn’t constant traffic. APB - you need to have a lot of time for check-in in London. You can’t leave too early from the ship. I had three hours and felt rushed. London Heathrow is my dream airport. I could just live there and watch planes come and go all day from all over the world. However, that comes with a huge amount of crazy- lines, people, etc. I am so spoiled with travel because of my status, I don’t stand in line too often. The TSA security line was a gift from God. A breeze. The shopping at the airport is unbelievable, along with food choices. I hit the jackpot and found a pastel de nata. That trumps a donut and cannoli. If you haven’t had one, go to Portugal. The hard part starts with a 30 minute walk to the gate. I swear I don’t know how people with any walking difficulty can do this. I am speaking about United Airlines only, so I am not sure about other Airlines. If you want to shop, you MUST shop before you head on to gate. It’s way too far to go back. The United Polaris Clubs are quite nice. I had something so exciting happen in the Polaris Club bathroom. A women said to me “Are you Fungirl?” That’s my FB Page. It made my day that someone knew me! I am destined for the cover of People Magazine. ;) The flight was 10 hours to Houston. Slower than normal. Home in KC on time. No place like home. PC loved the Royal class ship. Especially the hand washing stations at the buffet. I don’t know how long it will take for him to recover from the fun and games. JoyRoy218- PC loves the fact that I have the confidence and ability to get myself around the world. He supports and encourages anything I want to do. I would do the same for him. He is happy for me to go and even happier I don’t make him go. He does not have the level of wanderlust as I do. He is also quite secure with me hanging out with men. I just remind him to get the girls out before I get home. Brown blonde- I just wander around the world for fun on a regular basis. No book deal. Wish I had more ambition. I only post on CC when I cruise, which is probably half of my travel. So I am off again. A 7 day turn. That was fast! We are going on vacayshun. Come with me on my FB Page. Won’t be near as interesting though, especially if you like international ports. See you soon! :hearteyes:
  3. Hi Neil and Sam. Bon Voyage! I will follow along. I am in love with Elliott on the Entertainment staff! Have Fun!
  4. Day 12- Le Havre, France OMG, it’s all a blur. I have worn myself out having a good time, as usual. Le Havre is a hard port to end the cruise with because some travel distance is required to tour. It’s a very long day for people going into Paris, Normandy, or Mont St. Michel. I think they should reverse the itinerary. The nights have been short. I hate to miss anything, but it’s impossible to do it all. The Grand Finale excursion. A bucket list dream. A visit to Mont St. Michel. WOW. A Unesco World Heritage site. Totaling mind blowing. How do these wonders get built? WOW. It was just completely awesome in every way. A lot of work to climb the stairs to the top. The 3 hr ride each way through the French countryside was beautiful on a gorgeous day. This was the only tour I booked thru Princess considering the distance. They had four full coaches going, so it is popular. Very nice buses. Great guide. We got on the road around 8:30am and returned around 6:45pm. We lost an hour of sleep in France, but we will get it back tonight. I highly recommend this tour if you are able. When we returned to the ship we had to deal with all things administrative. I purchased airport transfers - $59/pp. Changed my flight. Decided to upgrade to B-class from Premium Economy. Perused the photos. Didn’t purchase any this time around. Checked my account statement. It was French night in the buffet/restaurant. We had no time to catch the show, an encore of soprano Elaine Gray or sit and listen to music. I am in agony with the packing. I can’t get everything back in the way I came. I didn’t do that much shopping. I have been packing for three days. I will get up early in the am and finish. The cruise was awesome. I love port intensive cruises. I choose my cruises based on the least number of sea days. I don’t think a TA cruise is in my future. Thanks so much for coming along with me. I didn’t have a lot of extra time to go into a lot of detail, but I will respond to questions when I get home. I am flying United via Houston. I think PC will need at least 6 mos. to recover. I wore him out. He is still recovering from driving in Ireland. Remember, this is day 12 of the cruise but we started 5 days early in Ireland. Nothing in my pipeline at the moment, but hopefully I will be on the road again soon. Come join me on my land travel anytime on FB. I miss my fur babies. Happy Cruising, Sungirl
  5. Day 11 - At Sea No time for vacayshun. I settled nicely in my cabin and it’s a job to get everything back into three boxes. I overpacked as usual, but not bad. Didn’t need any lightweight clothing except for layering. My layers 1. Cotton camisole - Ann Taylor Loft and Costco have great ones 2. Cotton t-shirt - Ann Taylor Loft have great ones 3. Sweater depending on temp - cotton or cashmere or wool or fleece 4. Coat/jacket. Love the North Face 3 in 1 and the thermobomber type. You must bring a waterproof jacket at anytime off the year! The ship is buzzing. 3800 people in the public spaces makes it a bit crowded when the weather doesn’t allow for people to be outside. Too cool and windy. The clearance SALE in the dining room! I always go to remind myself I don’t need anymore cruise crap. This was the last British Isle cruise of the season, so everything was on sale. A line was almost around the ship to get into the Pub Lunch. It seems they can accommodate everyone. I passed on my free wine tasting. Lots of shipboard activities offered. We packed in the cabin. We started to watch a move “Death of Stalin”, but fell asleep. It was Italian night in the dining room/buffet. I have eaten myself silly and wasn’t overly hungry. I never made it to the grill, pizza, Alfredos, or Sabatini’s. Showtime - The Secret Silk. A story told by song, dance and puppetry. It was good. I think I was getting tired, so I wasn’t overly enthused. It was well done however. The production song and dance team are getting ready to leave the ship after the TA cruise. They are excellent. I love the Balloon Drop! Deja Vu - I just did this in the Baltic! PC loves the dessert in the International Cafe. We make a stop every night. They are now publishing the name/photo of the most traveled guest in the Patter - Dr. And Mrs. Simons from AZ. 1,669 days. WOW. I will never get there! The Grand Finale is tomorrow. A bucket list excursion. HI TracieABD P1- I miss ya! And the Penthouse. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment on my posts. I appreciate it. We still have one more night left, so I won’t leave you yet.
  6. Geoherb, it’s available. I considered sending PC home and staying on. So disappointed not to see you and Sam. ❤️❤️
  7. Day 10 - Edinburgh, Scotland A magnificent Unesco World Heritage city. It is Friday and the city was busy. Let me start by explaining the hassle factor in getting to Edinburgh. It is a tender port, then it is a good 20-30 minute shuttle bus ride (£6/RT) from the port to the city center depending on traffic. The queues are long for everything - tender, bus, castle, etc. If you tour independently, you will have to start early to have enough time to visit Edinburgh Castle. We left our cabin at 10am and were on the HOHO bus at noon. That was 2 hours just to get to our destination. The city was super busy. I always appreciate being in the big city ports on weekends because traffic is so much better. Tours are the most efficient use of time because they pick you up in port and you avoid all of the lines, shuttles, waiting, tickets to purchase, etc. Timberbush is a very reputable company. I used them in Glasgow. We wanted to sleep in a bit, so a tour wasn’t in the plan today. I have a cold, and I lacked ambition. Getting a drive by on the HOHO bus was just fine. (£20/pp). We had time for the castle, but not the National Gallery. The buses are very frequent. I print out the HOHO maps of every city before I leave home so I can figure out how to maximize my time. We decided to cut our time a little shorter in Edinburgh so we could check out the seaport village of South Queensferry. There is not a lot to to see, but we enjoyed the view of the three bridges with a glass of wine. It was the final day of cruise ship season in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is similar to London and the other European capitols - tons of shops and restaurants. We looked around Harvey Nichols. I love department store food halls, unfortunately no time. Scotland is built on whiskey. We had no interest in any whiskey/distillery tours. It’s big business though. Some people like to visit St. Andrews while in Edinburgh. Time management is critical when sightseeing independently in Edinburgh due to the length of time it takes to get off the ship and moving. I might be inclined to take a tour next time or get outside the city. We were back on the ship around 5pm. We had dinner in the HC. I am over the food by now. It all tastes the same . It’s all good. It was British and Indian night on the theme line. Showtime tonight was Greg London. A singer/impersonator. It was kind of cheesy, but he got everyone on their feet. Granny was dancing to Uptown Funk. Again, my Asian friends knew every word. After the show we hustled to the piazza for Dancing with the Stars. It went on too long and we couldn’t stay awake. I thought I was going to have to carry PC back to the cabin. Or request a wheelchair! I am down to my last 3 pounds. I order currency from Bank of America before I leave home. I got 300 Euro and 300 pounds. It was perfect. I never had to pay any ATM transaction fees. I am good with cash and cards these days. Hunting down an ATM seems like a hassle. I take currency home if I have any left. I can use it next time. You need cash for tips, snacks, drinks, small souvenirs, etc. Tomorrow I will be packing up the cabin. So sad. Another day of rest before the Grand Finale. See you tomorrow.
  8. Day 9 - Inverness, Scotland This dream started back in 1983. A little movie called “Local Hero” with Burt Lancaster and Peter Riegert came out. It was one of PC’s all time favorite movies. Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits did the music. It’s a beautiful soundtrack. Ever since PC saw the movie, he wanted to visit the oil rig area of the east coast. Small, charming villages. Check out the movie if you like Scottish scenery. I hit the jackpot on my tour today. WOW! Scotland is an outstanding company. When I initially contacted them, they were fully booked. They decided to add a tour and contacted me off their waitlist. The add on tour was off the beaten path a bit AND I got Gordon, the owner of the company as my guide. Awesome tour, awesome guide. It had some Outlander references that I didn’t understand because I don’t watch the series. I enjoyed nonetheless. More beauty. I love the highland cows! Didn’t find Nessie at Loch Ness. We drove to small villages, the Scottish Highlands, viewed Neolithic stones and a battlefield. We shopped in Invergordon also. Scarves, lots of scarves. Walker’s shortbread cookies, lots of cookies. Perfect tour. We got back to the cabin around 5pm. We made reservations for the Crown Grille. We enjoyed our steak dinner. We took the night off from shows. Missed a featured soprano. I am feeling a bit like I am getting a cold. A lot of people sick on the ship with colds. Did manage another load of laundry. No time for rest. UGH. The cut off for most traveled passenger cocktail party was 317 days. No luncheon on this cruise itinerary. 318 elite members on board. The sip and sail promo ends today. Another promo starts tomorrow according to the future sales office. Hohoing in Edinburgh tomorrow. See you there.
  9. Day 8 - Kirkwall, Scotland, Orkney Islands The reason I booked this itinerary! I wanted to go to the Orkney Islands. A Unesco World Heritage site. The islands have the highest concentration of prehistoric/Neolithic sites in all of Europe. Interesting, Wild, desolate, beautiful and the only way out is by ferry or ship. It’s amazing people can live in these types of environments. Way more sheep than people. Princess alternates the Orkney stop and Liverpool. Today’s tour of Skara Brae, a Neolithic village that dates back 5000 yrs. and the Ring of Brodgar, an ancient circle of stones was my “deal” of the cruise. I found a city bus tour T11 that tours everyday 10am to 1:30pm for £12. The ship charges $120. We walked around the town of Kirkwall. The best fish and chips of the trip at Harbour Fry. I found out the fish is flash frozen at sea. Great, easy day. We were back on the ship around 3:30pm. At 4:30 I went to the salon for new hair. An Irish girl name Gillian fixed me up. I had a $50 coupon. Still is a bit pricey, but just a little more than home. Gillian held me hostage until 8pm. I am not sure if that meant things weren’t going well or she was giving me extra attention. I hope whatever she did is an improvement. We grabbed a fast bite in the HC. Tonight’s theme line was Brazilian. Showtime - The Flyrights, the three darling guys from last night had another performance in the smaller Vista lounge. Not an empty seat. After their show, we ran to the Princess Theater for the song and dance show - Colors of the World. It was ok. I don’t enjoy the shows as much that sing to a track without the orchestra. I love the orchestra. We crawled back to the cabin. Our cabin steward, Lilly, from Mexico does a great job. I will see you tomorrow in Loch Ness looking for Nessie.
  10. Day 7 - At Sea Yay! Vacayshun day. I woke up with a sore swollen eye lid. Not sure what is going on. I hope it’s not a sty. We made it to breakfast at 11am. After breakfast we piddled all day. PC read and napped. I poked around in the shops and won $24 in the casino. I am not a gambler, but I enjoy putting $10 in the slot machine. The ship is near capacity at 3800 people. Everything is “full”, but not unmanageable. You have to get to every venue early to get seats, etc. Since we are eating at the trough, I don’t know about wait times for the anytime dining room. I love the aft balcony cabin. The balcony is larger and open compared to regular balconies. We have a small sofa, which is much nicer than a single chair. I will continue to book this type of cabin unless I decide to splurge on a mini-suite. Let’s pretend it’s Festivus and I will air my grievances. 0. The TV Channels on board. I am dying without ESPN and more channels. 0. People who talk while guides are talking or narration is being given are so RUDE. 0. People need to understand “inside” voices. 0. People who don’t understand the concept of letting people off the elevator before they rush in the elevator are clueless. 0. The elevators are sssssssssssslllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooowwwwwwwwww 0. The bath towels are a bit tattered 0. Zumba at 9am in the atrium has got to go. Headache producing. 0. People who complain about weather are ridiculous. If you don’t research the georgraphy/climate of your destination, you are not doing your due diligence. I went to the spa to book a hair appt. for tomorrow. I have a $50 coupon burning a hole in my pocket and I need my highlights renewed. Jessie helped me. He is the most flamboyant over the top stylist ever. Think Franck the wedding planner in Father of the Bride. I was too scared to book with him, so I booked with a girl. I hope I am happy. It’s formal night. I wore my finest leggings and tunic. Pajamas in disguise. I had a heart wrenching decision to make regarding dinner. Snails or Ramen? I spent three weeks in Japan in March. I became addicted to ramen. I have been craving it. We started to to go to the dining room for dinner and then I saw the Ramen station in the HC. The agony. I love snails as much as ramen. The ramen won out. It was great. They make it to order. You chose your broth, meat, veggies, and noodle. The tomato soup is delicious also. We had a big night. Two shows. The Flyrights in the Princess Theater. A trio of London based guys performing soul, Motown. O’jays, Four Tops, Isley Brothers, Lionel Richie. I loved the show. My favorite song was This Old Heart of Mine. We went to the second night of the comedian Chas Burnett show in the Vista Lounge. He is really good. I liked him better in the smaller showroom. I listened to Ray in the piano lounge for a while. He talks more than he sings. He said he had been married 7 times, then he said he was gay. I am confused. I don’t like his arrangements on his playlist. I thought he butchered Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. We could use another day off, but we are back in action tomorrow. See you in Kirkwall, the Orkney Islands. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  11. Day 6 - Glasgow, Scotland We left Game of Thrones to find Outlander. If you visit Ireland or Scotland they offer tours of filming locales for both series. This morning was a more sensible departure- 9am. We have not yet made breakfast, but PC is sweet and brings me coffee, juice, and porridge to the cabin. Spoiled Princess! I never eat porridge unless I am traveling. I love it. In Kansas, it’s called oatmeal but I feel so Eurostyle when I say porridge. I learned that in the swanky castle hotels we stayed in. I have traveled all over the world independently, cruise ships, and small group. Today I did something I have never done before. I booked a potluck tour through Viator/Trip Advisor. Oh the horrors of the unknown, slow people, and loud talkers. My usual MO is to hire drivers, join a small group, follow Rick Steves walking tours, or HOHO bus. I had to change my strategy for this cruise for a few reasons. First, the weather comes into play on this itinerary. If I pre-booked a private tour and the ship didn’t make it into port, I would get no refund. This is a possibility is several ports. Or if the weather is inclement, the tour still goes and I don’t want to go. Secondly, the tour companies that do guarantee a refund if the ship is unable to stop either didn’t offer what I wanted or they were sold out by the time I started doing my research. I usually won’t commit to anything til well after final payment of the cruise is due. For those two reasons, Viator was a great option. They offer 24 hour cancellation on any tour and a port guarantee. The problem with booking through Viator is you don’t know the tour operator name until after booking. That’s fine. I get the name when I book and read the reviews on Trip Advisor. If it doesn’t look good I will cancel. Viator gave me the most flexibility if I changed my mind, didn’t feel well, or the weather was a problem. I booked the Loch Lomond, The Trossachs, and Stirling Castle tour with Timberbush Tours. They get very good reviews and are based in Edinburgh. Ok, I can do this. We meet exactly where they tell me. They have at least 3 large coaches and a few smaller ones waiting for the masses. The bus is HUGE. At least 60 people. UGH. The weather was bad, I had to stand in line for a Castle ticket because I got busy and forgot to pre purchase my ticket. AND I had no private guide! I was in full Judy Benjamin mode. Stirling Castle is very cool. Fully restored. The Trossachs and Loch Lomond, part of the Scottish Highlands are beautiful. We made a nice lunch stop in Aberfoyle. Can you guess what I ate? 10 days in a row of fish and chips. Haddock and Cod must hate me! I shopped a bit and bought some plaid and a sweater. I was very pleased with the tour. David, the guide, was great. The coach seats were very comfortable, two doors on the coach made for faster on/off, and I could be completely anonymous. No one really engages on the larger tours and lots of people nap. I am surprised when people are sleeping because they are missing the most gorgeous scenery. It’s nice and quiet though. I survived my first large coach bus tour. 😉 Darby O’Gill has left me and I was surprised by a new man - Angus MacFergus. OMG, you just have to see the plaid tam-o-shanter. For those of you who venture to my FB travel page, I hope you are enjoying the pics and videos. I don’t take myself too seriously. Greenock was the first port that had a small market area of souvenirs after you enter the gates to the port. I get used to markets being set up so I can shop as I get back on the ship. You can’t do that on this itinerary. No markets! We arrived back on the ship around 5pm. Sail away at 6pm. Weather is gorgeous, but cold. Bring warm clothes. Our balcony has not been very useable due to rain, wind, and cold. A few minutes here and there. Tonight’s theme in the buffet was Scottish. OMG, I went hog wild crazy. Macaroni pie, macaroni and cheese, pasties, broccoli cheese gratin, AND chicken pot pie. PC loved the braised rib stew. He is a carnivore and eats mainly meat, not a lot of carbs. I am the opposite, and I have the waistline to show for it. On to showtime! Chas Burnett was the headliner in the Princess Theater. He is a comedian/guitarist/singer. He was great fun. He had a husband/wife shtick that was funny considering we are celebrating LoveFest 31. I kind of get tired of cruise humor comedians, and he was a fresher act. PC loves the sweets on deck 5 - International Cafe and the Gelato shop. We have been stopping for sweets when time permits. We donated $10 to the casino $1 slot machine. Casino is busy. I tried the soft serve ice cream on the Lido Deck, but I thought it was terrible. Over sweet and not frozen enough. Good thing, cuz I don’t need to find more good stuff to eat on this ship. I haven’t eaten any popcorn yet. Can’t believe it. That is my favorite snack. I am going to get some tomorrow. We came back to the cabin to take a look at the movie selections. Previously, I said the choices sucked. I was wrong. I didn’t tab over on the TV. I was only looking at the French subtitled section. I didn’t pay attention to the other tabs. There are many choices. We fell asleep before we could agree on a movie! Goodnight. I am going on vacayshun tomorrow. Hope you are having a good time with me!
  12. Day 5 - Belfast I need a vacayshun! One more port and then I can rest a day. Today was another beautiful day, but LONG. We were off the ship at 8am. That is just wrong. Way too early. We wanted to take another scenic drive out of town through the northern coastal towns and countryside. I mentioned previously we drove the west coast of Ireland pre-cruise. PC couldn’t really enjoy himself because the driving was so stressful. Today we had a driver. I pre-booked a tour with Odyssey Tours thanks to SunsetBeachGal. She cruised earlier in the summer and shared all of her tour info with me. The buses were all lined up and ready to go at 8am. There are several companies that offer the Antrim coast tour. It includes a stop at the rope bridge, Giant’s Causeway, Ballycastle for lunch, and Carnlough.. There were 3 or 4 drivers with Odyssey taking names and directing traffic as we excited the ship. Raleigh greeted us, checked my name on his clipboard, and directed us to his bus. We get about 30 minutes down the road and I am thinking that I didn’t book this tour. I thought they did a bait and switch. I booked a mini-bus and this was a coach. Raleigh starts collecting money for the rope bridge on the bus. £8. When he gets to me, he is very confused. He said my name was already marked as paid. He couldn’t figure it out. I figured it out! He put me on the wrong tour. There were two people with the same last name and he didn’t ask my first name. I didn’t really care so much because we were going to basically the same places, but I paid $50 more for the minibus tour. I told Raleigh to call the driver of our tour and tell him we would meet him at the first stop. Raleigh couldn’t handle that. He acted like it was his first day on the job. When we arrived at the first stop, the rope bridge, we inquired with another driver, Jimmy, and he said we belonged on his minibus. High drama! Another funny thing that happened was I was getting the driver told off because they were charging 8 pounds for the rope bridge and the walk up price was 5 pounds. I kept saying Lira instead of Pounds. This lady says “wrong country”! Italy hasn’t used the lira since 2002! Blonde moment! I am fried! Our first stop was an hour and fifteen minutes at the rope bridge. It’s a novelty excursion on a gorgeous coastline. The walk to/from the bridge was challenging. If you have any mobility issues, you will need to pass on this. I huffed and puffed up the hill. It’s probably close to a mile each way, but the return is steep. Gorgeous coastline and on a clear day you can see Scotland. The Second stop was at Giant’s Causeway. A Unesco World Heritage site. Basalt towers and stones that are very interesting. Our lunch stop was in Ballycastle at O’Connor’s Bar. I am still bingeing on fish and chips. After lunch we drove the coastal road back to Belfast with a comfort stop in a cute town. Ireland is so beautiful it hurts. 40 shades of green..We got a quick glimpse of Belfast, but only on the perimeter. It was 6pm by the time we returned. We were tired. Great tour! Ireland is so beautiful, words can’t describe. We completed 4 out of 25 scenic drives in our book. We still have a lot to see! We got back to ship and it started to sprinkle rain. The sun was going down. I knew I was going to get a rainbow - finally. Sure enough, a lovely rainbow appeared over the ship. Lucky. We were zombies, but of course I never want to miss anything. Ray Coussins was the headliner in the Princess Theater. I was very disappointed. He only sang three Sinatra songs and talked about his relationship with SInatra for an hour. It was boring. I was tired. After the show, we ran to the buffet. It was German night. My favorite. Unfortunately the theme part of the buffet closes at 9pm. Bummer. I will have to wait for another cruise to enjoy Wiener schnitzel and spaetzle. Ireland is a wonderful place to visit. Maybe I will get back someday. Unfortunately with my quest to see everything in the world, I rarely repeat anything. Lift me up! I have another week yet! Night, Darby O’Gill is moving on to Scotland
  13. Day 4 - Dublin OMG, I have been on the move for 9 days now. I need that sea day in the worst way. We had a great day and great weather in Dublin for our Drive-By tour. Bono, where is Bono? I love him along with the rest of the boys. We docked at 5:30am. I would like to see the people lined up at that hour to disembark. I have never seen 5:30am unless it was to catch a flight. I was doing extremely well to be off the ship at 9am. We were walking out the door and the batteries in the cabin safe went dead. That cost me 20 minutes. Once off the ship you have two options to get to town from port if you are not on a tour - shuttle bus $8/pp or taxi €15-18. We opted for the taxi. It’s all about time management and making the most of 6+ hours. Our driver dropped us off at St. Stephens Park. We got on the HopOn/Hop Off Bus at the park. €20/pp. We rode the bus from the east side of town to the west side of town. We passed churches - Christchurch Cathedral and St. Patrick’s, Temple Bar area, Guinness, Dublin Castle. We hopped off at the Kilmainham Gaol. The jail housed many political prisoners for 130 years up until 1924. I originally booked afternoon tickets online, but it worked out that we were there much earlier. I exchanged my tickets no problem for an earlier tour. I did lose €4 on the exchange because they don’t honor the online discount if you exchange. The Gaol tour is 1 hour. The history of Ireland is pretty sad. They have had a lot of problems. We hopped back on the bus to finish the tour. We hopped off again at Trinity College, the oldest college in Ireland which houses the Book of Kells and the Old Library. We bought walk up tickets for 2:30pm. I heard the lines were terrible in the am. We had no line. The gift shop is nice and everyone buys a t-shirt! After the Trinity walk about we moved on to the National Art Gallery. I love national galleries. I do a quick run to find the top ten masterpieces, use the restroom (they are always the best!), have a snack in the cafe, and check out the gift shop. My snack turned into a full blown meal. They had chicken pot pies that looked so good. I had to go for it. It included 3 salads. I have a very hard time passing up chicken pot pies. PC and I had just decided to go to the Crown Grill, when I come to the table with this meal. He dies laughing because he knows my snack usually becomes a meal and we wouldn’t be going to the Crown Grill. We left the gallery, walked back toward St. Stephens Park. I figured getting a taxi back to the ship would be easy at a hotel. I had my eye on a posh hotel - The Merrion. We stopped for a glass of wine and to check it out. The taxi ride was fast back to the ship because Saturday late afternoon traffic was light. Dublin is a great city. I would love to visit again. I barely scratched the surface, but I am always happy with my choices. I would say many people spend most of the day at the Guinness Experience or the Jameson Distillery and pubs in the Temple Bar area. It’s not our thing, but I am sure it is great fun. I didn’t have time to shop on the pedestrian mall. I am not much of a shopper, but I do enjoy poking around a bit. The potato famine monument is so sad. Starving people. I clearly left Ireland before the famine. I was a Potato Baroness in my past life. Bono and Edge along with partners own The Clarence House Hotel. Close to the Temple Bar. I didn’t look for them there. Bono was in town to accept some type of award. It was in the newspaper. Fun Fact - St.Patrick’s is not a Catholic cathedral. It’s Protestant. Same with Trinity College, but Catholics can attend. We were back on the ship by 5pm. The weather started deteriorating and became very foggy. I hate the low visibility. I get claustrophobic. The Captain had to use the horn a lot. The dinner/buffet menu featured an Irish theme tonight. And guess what? More chicken pot pie! My favorite. We loved our choices. After dinner we went to movie trivia. It was movie sound bites and movie clips. Very fun, but we weren’t as strong as we thought we were. I had to laugh, the couple we paired up with last night didn’t want to pair with us again tonight and we were really good. As if! We couldn’t figure out if it was me or PC. Rejection, it sucks. I could never do that to someone who wanted join my group. You’d really have to see them to get the full joke of the matter. Did I mention this is a bit of an older crowd? 75+ would be the average age. I just had a birthday and was feeling old. Nothing like a good senior cruise to make me feel younger. I admire these seniors. This is no easy task getting around the ship and ports. As we crawl to the cabin at night, those seniors are still on the dance floor and singing Karaoke. I am sure many of them can party longer than me. Ray, the piano entertainer, starts playing at 9pm to 12:45am. Who can stay up that late and tour all day? I need to get to the bottom of that. The Asians were doing the twist at the 50’s sock hop in the atrium. They are so good, they get airborne. The cruise director’s staff is fantastic. We passed on the Magician show, the encore performance of the Liberace performer, and the Yes or No game show. After 9 days of going non-stop I know PC is going to start begging for mercy at any moment. He will probably sleep 24 hours straight on the sea day. Goodnight, see you in Belfast. ❤️🇮🇪🌈😁
  14. It’s turning into a Hawaiian Tropic Day in Dublin. It’s all relative! Looking for Bono. See you later with my report on Day 4. 🍀🍀🇮🇪🇮🇪
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