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  1. Same here. Email or password not able to be found! Janet
  2. This is from the Sky M108. I believe if you moved the chair you would be able to access the bedroom when the couch is pulled out.
  3. Just call them. They will make it right. Janet
  4. The crown and the Sky are both 10 day. Leaving her DH at home, my sister feels that a 7 day cruise is all she can do. So hoping the Enchanted works out, but if not, we hope Princess tells us sooner better than later. Thanks, Janet
  5. There is no other Royal class ship in the Caribbean doing 7 day cruises if the Enchanted does not sail. That would leave just one ship doing 7 day itineraries. I just wish we could get some information on what the plan is. Hopefully they will post the 2022 itineraries/ships soon. My sister and I are booked in January on the Enchanted after our April cruise on the Regal was canceled. If it's not going to sail, just tell us!!! She is a first-time cruiser and I so wanted to take her on a Royal class ship. This has been a good lesson is being flexible! Janet
  6. The Enchanted sailings are canceled into November, so I don't think it will debut in August.
  7. I am pretty easy going on the situation going forward with Princess and cruising. I am rebooked from my Regal cruise this past April, to the Enchanted in January 2021. Also have Panama Canal booked for Feb. What I wish was that Princess would make some sort of statement on what is expected with the Enchanted, even if it is a "best guess". We have not been informed of a projected timeline, of whether it is a go or not, whether it will sail this year or next year, or the posiblity of of not taking ownership. In our heads, we just make our own stories! Just give us some kind of information!! I am
  8. It's a great cabin. Nice covered balcony. Not above the stage of the Vista lounge, so no noise. (E730 can be a bit loud). Janet
  9. I too was wondering about Caribbean sailings for winter/spring 2022. I have the feeling they will be booked quite early, as people are still unsure about 2021. I have been anxiously awaiting to see schedules for Jan/Feb 2022. Would like to explore options. Janet
  10. I put a cruise on hold March 15 (for January on the Enchanted). Twenty four hours later I got an upgrade notice! I hadn't even put a deposit on it yet!! That's a first for me! Janet
  11. My sister and I have been sad all weekend about our canceled cruise on the Regal. I can't help but think about what we would be doing right now! Janet
  12. This was to be her first cruise! We were booked April 12th on the Regal. Planned it for over a year. Super sad it got cancelled, BUT we would like to re-book. Our cruise is not really cancelled, just postponed!! Just trying to figure out how to put a deposit down without calling Princess right now. We will have a fairly large amount of refund in the form of credit, so I don't really want to pay a lot of money at this point. Thanks for your help! Janet
  13. Okay thanks. I have a FCD, my sister does not. So I assume she pays $200?
  14. I am a little confused about the deposit. It looks as though it now requires a $400 deposit, not $200. (I haven't booked for a while). The FCD I booked when we were on the Sky in Feb is for $100/pp. How does this work? Use one and pay $100/pp.? Thanks, Janet
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