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  1. I will eventually, but I just thought of it, and thought maybe someone else might know! Janet
  2. When we order medallions for our cruise and we live in separate states, will one of us order for both or would they mail out one to each of us? Thanks, Janet
  3. What are they called? I want to do a search on Amazon, but I don't know what I am searching for! I do see the one that is $12 for one. Janet
  4. I was just wanting to know this myself! Hopefully someone with current information will chime in! Janet
  5. This 3 for free isn't as good as last year. Last year, the price of the cabin went down about $350 AND we got OBC and free gratuities. Same mini I am looking at both years, same ship. This year's cruise that I have been looking at is very expensive (10 day in lowest club class mini Sky Princess $6500 for two). The price didn't budge at all, the deposit is non-refundable 10%. The free upgrade means nothing, as I want a particular cabin. Even with $300 OBC and free gratuities, it just doesn't make sense. The cruise would be Feb 2021. Too risky at this point in our lives. And we are not interested in going more expensive to make it refundable.
  6. Yes! That's all I get also. Then I logged out and now I cannot log in at all. I am going to leave it be for now. Thanks for the info! Makes me feel better that it is not just me! Janet
  7. Really strange happenings today! Every time I try to enter anything, it states that the app cannot access an internet connection. My phone is on wifi. I rebooted my phone, but still unable to access any part of the app. Well, it was fun while it lasted! 🤣 Janet
  8. Just checked and saw our Sky cruise on the Medallion Class app! Janet
  9. This is the first time I have had a beverage package and we had the same question about Princess Cays. Thanks for asking!
  10. If I purchase the 4 device package on the Regal, and split it with my sister, how will she log in? as herself? or as me? Sounds crazy but I can't seem to figure this out! I have read a lot of threads but not sure of the answer. Thanks! Janet
  11. Does the 25% off apply to the 4 device package also? (for elite) My sister and I are sailing next April on the Regal. One package is $59 pre cruise. 4 devices are $104. Could I get the 4 device package and split it with my sister? And will it be 25% off of the $104? Thanks, Janet
  12. My sister and I are ready to book the Regal for next April. She usually does all-inclusive vacations, but I really want her to cruise with me. (girls only trip) She is used to getting a drink whenever she chooses on vacation, so the S&S pkg is appealing to us. We will sail for 7 days, with 3 ports and 3 sea days. One of the ports is Princess Cays, so it is good there also. In pricing it out for a balcony room, the rate is higher than it will be next month, but I believe it is cheaper to book under this promotion than to try to add it later. It is expensive but I feel it makes sense this time when considering the big picture.🌴 Janet
  13. So, if we are both Elite, would it be best for one to purchase unlimited, and then would the other be able to use all 500 minutes? (his and mine?) Is that even possible? Also, is it better to wait to get it onboard if you want to give up your Elite minutes and get a discount off of the $59 package. Sorry, all these options are confusing! Thanks, Janet
  14. Anyone hear anything yet? Janet
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