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  1. Thank you Martin, I for one found your post very helpful and appreciate the time you took to post it. Like the OP I was curious about the NCL tour as I will find myself in Victoria with $50 shorex credit but, especially after reading your posts, am willing to forego the credit and utilise suggestions from your post as walking slowly kills me! 😄 Thanks again 😁
  2. Love the pictures Pat - heading off on Epic 6 Feb to Bonaire etc so here's hoping I get to see similar. Also, on Bliss Panama Canal trip in April so that should see some good trips too 🙂 Fiona
  3. No problem 🙂 I've been solo on Adventure and met lots of nice people. Look in the daily cruise compass for solo meets. I think RCI do solo lunches but definitely go to the first meet and hopefully you'll find other solos. If not, set dining can be good for meeting people. I travel mostly on NCL who are great for solos but was on RCI Spectrum in May 2019 and met really, really nice people who I'm still in touch with on a regular basis. Enjoy 😄
  4. Please don't cancel - give it a go as I'm sure you'll love it and if, for some reason or other, you don't enjoy it too much you'll be able to say you gave it a go and not have any regrets going. Which ship are you going on? It sounds like they have a few activities already planned so when you get talking to others that'll lead to more. You say you're a snorkeler so chat with others on the roll call and perhaps see if you find fellow snorkelers who may have trips booked. If you go on trips, be it through the ship or independent operators, you'll meet others. Go, have a ball and make some memories - then plan your next solo trip 😁 Fiona
  5. If the perks are the same and you think you'd spend a bit of time on the balcony I'd go for that. You can still go to the solo meets in the lounge but you wouldn't have access throughout the day. Guess it depends on the itinerary and what you like to do. Same price I'd go for balcony 😁
  6. Thanks, but my response was a bit tongue in cheek 😛
  7. Thanks 😄 Surely high winds make it more interesting, no?!?! 🤣😆 Do you happen to know if there's a climbing wall as deck plan indicates yes but couldn't see one on any videos I've watched? Fiona
  8. Great review - looking at booking BA for end of September in a solo cabin. Travelled quite a few times with NCL and love them for the way they accommodate solo pax. Could you tell me if any of the activities such as Walk The Plank, ropes course incur a fee please? Thanks, Fiona
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