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  1. madcat444

    Post CRUISE LINE Single Supplement/Solo Bargains HERE

    Awesome price - may look at Alaska for next year. Enjoy :D:D
  2. madcat444

    Solo Cruiser's Roll Call

    Just booked Studio Balcony cabin on RCI's new Spectrum of the Seas. Dubai to Singapore 4 May 2019 Drinks package, WiFi and two nights pre and post cruise :D Three cruises booked now: MSC Seaside in November and NCL Epic in January - I had better calm my jets for a bit!! LOL
  3. Let's be honest, there's no fear of it being any worse! :p
  4. madcat444

    Advice needed

    Works well as you can charge/use two or more things at once assuming you have two adapters :D
  5. madcat444

    Advice needed

    The MSC ships I've been on have had both European and US sockets :)
  6. .....i didn't have to log onto ships wifi! :D
  7. madcat444

    MSC Mealtime drink package

    HI, can I ask if the 12 vouchers you mention in the Fantastica package are included as I didn't had them on my cruise last year nor on my one for March? Just curious...:confused: Answered my own question - this isn't applicable in the UK
  8. madcat444

    Poesia - Favorite things?

    I'm a TA fan too, great opportunity to chill and, hopefully, grab some sun on the way across. Managed to get a balcony this time so fingers crossed for long, sunny days :D
  9. madcat444

    Poesia - Favorite things?

    Yes, I saw that deal, it's with CN? I'm travelling solo so it wasn't much use to me though PFC did great deal on the trip too last week hence the reason..... :D
  10. madcat444

    Poesia - Favorite things?

    Hopefully as I really struggled to find any last year on Brazil to Italy crossing :( Are you flying from Gatwick?
  11. madcat444

    Poesia - Favorite things?

    Cool, good to know there will be other English speaking guests onboard :D
  12. madcat444

    Poesia - Favorite things?

    I'm interested in the replies as I'm jumping on in on March 21 for the transatlantic from Barbados to Italy :)
  13. madcat444

    Shore tours in Rio

    Thanks Vida, I appreciate your help :) At a guess, could you give me an indication of how much taxis would be from the port to Corcovado and back please or if it is easier to take a taxi into town and from there take the train or shuttle? As I'm on my own I'm trying to keep costs low and also ensure I'm back on board in time!! :D:eek: Thanks again, Fiona:)
  14. madcat444

    Shore tours in Rio

    Hi there, Does anyone have any information on shore tours in Rio? I'm not really one to do ship tours and like to find my own but looking like I may have to resort to an MSC as not having much joys as the shared ones I've found return too late for the sailing or leave from the city centre. Is it possible to pick up tours at the cruise port like in a lot of other destinations? Travelling alone and not a lot of folk on the roll call and with Rio being the first stop after embarkation there's no real time onboard to find others looking to do the same. Any help would be appreciated :)
  15. madcat444

    Very limited postings in Roll Calls

    AmoMondo.....yes, surely I'll get by - always have done in the past with a few "international" words and adaptations. For example, last time in Brazil having to use Italian to speak to Brazilian policemen as the word for "dangerous" were similar! lol Still find it hard to believe ship is full but we'll see.....