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  1. Has anyone done the Green Grotto Cave Tour. There is no tour provided from NCL. Not sure if we can take a taxi or can book it by a private Tourguide. Any help appriciated. Greetings from Bavaria
  2. The answer was: Sorry, you paid in Euro and not in USD so they can do nothing! Never had this before. When we booked at carnival or RCCL - no problem. I told NCL (Europe!) that we are shareholders - "Oh, ok" ????!!!! We were always redirected from the US to the Europe site and the same when we call the the customerservice.
  3. I wrote an eMail but still no answer. So I have to wait .... will inform you
  4. The deadline is the 13th of September but we've allready paid. So we try it - Thank you
  5. Hi , last week we booked the Haven H6 on the Getaway. Today we saw a pricedrop of more than $600 . Is there a chance to get the difference?
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