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  1. I wonder when NCL will officially cancel cruises to Alaska. We have one booked and final payement is in April. Will hate to pay and get a credit.
  2. I agree the prices have been lower before this amazing sale!! I keep my eyes open for a better price and they will book. Prices are much more than what we have been paying. Thanks !!
  3. Ncl says the promotion is ending tonight. Will this promo roll over? Any insider tips when a better promo is coming out? thanks!
  4. Thank you! We will pay the final payment in December for the February 2021 cruise. No fcc credits. If this cruise is cancelled, can we use the 10% discount that will be given to us for a cruise booked already. That cruise is the 2021 august.
  5. We have a cruise booked for February. Final payment is December. . We also have a cruise book for august. We have only the deposit on that one. If we pay final payment for February’s cruise and If/when the cruise is cancelled can I use that 10% discount towards my booked cruise ? thanks!
  6. Thank you for the helpful packing tips. I do have a question. We are going mid August. What does one where for dinner? Should I pack capris and sandals(summer outfit) or longer pants and boots or closed toe shoes? Trying to get a better idea since I do not want to overpack and pay for extra luggage on the plane. Thank you!!
  7. Dining for our gem cruise in February was supposed to open up last week, oct 14. We called since it wasn’t available online or the app. NCL said there were unsure when it would be available. I happened to look last night and you can make reservations for the specialty restaurants but not the main dining room. I know I’m being optimistic that we are even going on this cruise but staying hopeful. Any ideas why you can not make dining reservations for the free restaurants? has this happened to anyone else? thsnks!
  8. Thank you! We will look into the thermal spa. We were on the gem and never got a lounge chair. Forget about a heated tile one. There were signs up saying limited time but no one enforced it. Wonder if the spa on the bliss is larger? any must do excursions? Thanks again!
  9. Loved your review. We plan on going on the bliss in august 🤞. I do have a few questions: how was the weather? Do we even bring bathing suits? we bought the thermal spa pass on the gem in February. It was nice but way to many chair hogs. We never got a chair ever. How is the thermal spa on the bliss? vibe pass you said isn’t worth it. Is it because it’s to cold to stay out on the outdoor decks? thank you so much!
  10. Loved reading your post!! We just booked the bliss aug 2021. This will be our first Alaskan cruise. Any must do’s? In your opinion is the vibe worth it or skip?
  11. We have a cruise booked for feb 2021 from nyc. Final payment is due in December. I know it has been asked before but I want to make sure I totally understand. I pay final payment in December. If ncl cancels I get 125% fcc? I do not get my cash back? I am thinking of booking a cruise for aug2021. Can I put that credit towards a cruise that is booked already or only for new bookings? Any help/ advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  12. Hi we have never been on an MSC cruise. We usually said on NCL. We have sailed on Royal and Carnival and have preferred NCL. We are looking to try a MSC cruise. What are the differences? Any help would be terrific. Thank you in advance.
  13. Thank you very much for your responses. We look forward to relaxing and using it a little during the cold days. Thank you again
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