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  1. So if , for 4 in Jan 2 2020, the LOWEST price is $326 (BUT when you are shown the taxes too it TOTALS $528.93).... that has FULL Access to Atlantis? (Aquarium, grounds, waterpark etc.) Also, if there is any problem AFTER 12/28... you are still charged? That seems risky (Free Cancellation until December 28, 2019 at 4PM local hotel time.)
  2. Going outside the booking window on the site...via gogle I did see the perk available but it seemed to only be for the aquapark
  3. The Comfort Suite site says nothing, or at least I could not find it, about anything fee for ATLANTIS or wrist bands... if you stay there? How do we know they still offer that perk?
  4. I now this is the first year for the BLISS but does NCL do anything on New Years Eve/New Years for those on the ships? We were on an RCL Xmas/New Years cruise (14 days on Explorer out of Bayonne, NJ quite a few years ago) and that had special events, special menus, special drinks, special entertainment....?
  5. The Haven ... if only I was so lucky. With two kids in College... and still paying off the third from a couple years ago..............we are lucky to be above the water line!
  6. Thank you all for the wealth of info. Probably will hit Taste or Savor (unless we board too early). Observation Lounge an 'alternative' but knowing our boys (16 & 19) snacks won't cut it so we will see. Again, thanks to all!!!!
  7. It looked like the Chase Sapphire Preferred was the best card to purchase the Cruise (new Bonus Points) and has Trip Protection Insurance. Is this the best and do people still get the Insurance or just use this?
  8. Thanks... so Savor or Taste is the way to go RIGHT WHEN you board. Thanks
  9. Thanks!!! Which do you think would be the smallest crowds?
  10. Was there a Burger place by the pools? On Breakaway it was called 'Uptown Grill' When I checked... there was no such thing on Bliss? Also, I thought not all places are open until sailing out?
  11. Was on the Breakaway and know where to eat when you first board, like a burger or something... what would be a good choice when you first get on the Bliss?
  12. What app is this???? The only one I know of reports 'established test dates' for the current semester ONCE IT STARTS. Is there one that identifies future semesters???? If so, could you post a link as my Son has never heard of this either?
  13. You all seem very knowledgeable so I'll start here (before another thread). Since this is a xmas Cruise, do they do anything extra special or simply put up garland?
  14. I think I will leave that final choice up to the wife... at least until after Fathers Day!
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