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  1. oh sh*&! Hope not as there seems to be so many comments about the ship's delay. One even posted a pict of Health Dept Inspectors boarding (but that looked photoshopped!). Hope this doesn't turn out to be the ship of the 'Walking Dead'!
  2. they don't deny entry to the Pier before 1pm do they?
  3. We are sailing on the BLISS in 2 days and was wondering: Have seen some Dailies posted for the BLISS, are these pretty similar or are they similar only among cruises of similar length, similar destinations, similar ???? This questions is too the experienced cruises (which I am not!)
  4. thks... $200 for 5 or 6 days is starting to sound too much?
  5. I have seen some videos (youtube) that seemed to say the laser tag is not available much from Nov-March because it is located on top and cold, winds, etc close it all the time? Is that correct? Any other issues you have heard about?
  6. For those that have sailed/departed in the cold temperatures to start their cruise... does NCL have the Race Cars available? We are sailing on 12/28 and I am trying to determine if buying the 'unlimited' pass is worth it ($200). If the racecars are not available if cold outside, which on our 8 days would probably be half the time, than an unlimited pass would be crazy! A few other questions to the Knowledgeable: ===================================== 1. Also, any other advantages of the 'unlimited'? (I think someone said something about not having to do reservations?) 2. It seems like you can't buy the 'unlimited UNTIL you are on board... is that correct? 2a: Assuming you do have to wait until you board to buy it... where do you go on the ship to buy it? 3. Is it good immediately? 4. Any other 'caveats' that one should be aware of? Again, spending $400 is worth it if they have access all the time and no other 'caveats' but I have been 'burned' before with unlimited buys so again I wanted to go to those those that might know... Thanks in advance!!!!
  7. Have entered my home number in the CONTACT INFO 9 times and always within a day it disappears from all members? Also have gone from 100% complete to 84% each time. TA Said no major issue, as NCL's computer systems always seem to have problems but we leave on the 28th and still can't print our eDoc. Anyone else having these problems? Funny, never had these problems on RCL or Carnival?
  8. Could you also please all crowds and disorderly people off the ship for the 12/28/19 cruise!
  9. Is anyone familiar with this room? The sundeck is right above and wondering if the band/DJ is directly above as I want to avoid noise?
  10. someone just answered my question... which was just like urs
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