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  1. WOW youre sailing on the Divina a LOT! Just curious what the average rate is for the Yacht Club and if its all inclusive with drinks, airport shuttle etc.. Seems like a great experience.
  2. Some of the entertainment seemed repetitive to me, the dancers and performers basically did the same stunts just in different costumes. You really only have to see three shows: Michael Jackson, The Opera and just one of the shows inbetween.
  3. Yeah I think you are spot on, I just wrote a review and discussed the singing. I didnt think the female singer was good at all, however, the male was pretty good. I did not catch the Opera show so I cant comment on that.
  4. I am going to piggy back off of your outline and give my review: EMBARKATION: I arrived at 4 PM and the process was extremely smooth, probably took around 30 minutes, which is quicker than any cruise I have been on. This could be do to the fact that the ship is docked until 8 PM. A- FOOD Going to divide this into 2 separate ratings. BUFFET The buffet was nothing special, on par with Carnival and Norwegian. BUFFET RATING - B MAIN DINING ROOM Service wasnt great, the waiters barely spoke English and were not as attentive as previous cruises. The main courses were good while the side dishes were lacking, still I really enjoyed the food and the servers were pleasnt. RATING - B+ ENTERTAINMENT As I stated before, the acts felt repetitive after the first show. The singers were average at best. RATING - C+ DRINKS AND DRINK SERVICE The drinks were on par with any other cruise line. The bartenders were hit or miss depending on which bar you went to, MSC is probably the only cruise line which doesnt walk around "pushing" drinks on you, which is refreshing for a change. RATING - C+ EXCURSIONS N/A - I did not partake in any excursions so I cannot rate. RATING - -- DEBARKATION I also self disembarked and while it was hectic it didnt feel any different from any other cruise line. RATING - B SERVICE Ive mentioned service in the past, this is where MSC is lacking the most and why they most likely wont be cruising out of North America until they find a solution. RATING - D SHIP APPEARANCE You didnt add this category but I wanted to discuss it because the ship was so beautiful, the decor is very tastefully done. Appearance wise it rivals ANY SHIP out there. A+ OVERALL RATING - C+ Would I sail MSC again? For the price YES, if I had the option of sailing Carnival or Norweigian for the same price I would chose either of those before MSC.
  5. I dont understand all the love for the entertainment on the Divina. Did anyone else think the shows became repetitive? It was the same performers essentially doing the same acts with different costumes on. I did enjoy the comedy show. But imo the entertainment was average at best, but then again I never really saw any shows on previous cruises as I was younger, so I have no point of reference.
  6. I never said it was my business what someone else earns but to say I have no right knowing where my money is going is absurd. And as stated in previous posts I am not asking for as you call it "fake chummy friends". I could careless if they even talk to me, they just came across as somewhat rude and it felt as if I was a bother to them. I am not alone in this sentiment look up reviews for the Divina and the customer service is the #1 complaint. The reviews for the ship are approximately 3.5-4/5, which I agree with; a beautiful ship, decent food but lacking in service and organization.
  7. I Began to inquire about the tips after some of the bartenders seemed to act a tad rude towards me, or generally unfriendly. You didn't experience this because you didn't have the drink package and the bartenders were receiving 15% gratuity on every drink you purchased. It started to feel like I was a bother to them whenever I placed my drink order and in return I was tipping , making the $316 drink package, with gratuity included, much more expensive then I had anticipated. But back to the subject at hand, does anyone know if the 15% is a “gratuity” or “service charge” and if the bartenders as I suspect aren’t receiving the 15% who is?
  8. I did tip extra, to the tune of around $75, which I normally wouldnt have if the 15% gratuity was included like it stated that it was.
  9. I heard it from two different people, I think its their recurring joke!
  10. I recently came back from a 7 night cruise on the MSC Divina, April 19th-26th, 2014. My girlfriend and I purchased the Allegrissimo Classic drink package, $318 Per Person. There is a 15% gratuity that is supposedly built in if you purchase prior to sailing, if purchased while on the ship you pay $318 + 15% or $365 per person. Even though the gratuity is supposedly included in the drink package, the bartenders do not receive a dime of it, so my question for MSC is why are we paying the gratuity for the drink package and if the hard working bartenders are not receiving it who is? If you purchase a drink package on carnival, Norwegian or RCL every drink you purchase has a gratuity on the bottom of the bill, a set amount that each bartender receives, however, on MSC there is no such gratuity on the bill. So I asked at least 10 bartenders if they receive any of the gratuity from the drink package and every one of them emphatically stated "no". Most of the responses were prefaced by a smirk or a laugh. Some of the responses I received when asking if they receive tips from the unlimited drink packgaes were: "There is a reason they are referred to as the "Mafia Shipping Company"" "I dont know who is receiving the gratuity but we dont see a time of it"
  11. I am actually renting a car from the hertz near the port of Miami, I am driving back and dropping some people off at the ft. Lauderdale airport for the 1225 flight. I'm also wondering if I can relax and eat some breakfast and just walk off the ship around 10? Are most people off the ship by then?
  12. I will be traveling on the MSC Divina April 19-26th It says the ship will arrive at the port by 7AM on the 26th, my flight is out of Ft. Lauderdale at 12:25 PM. What is the earliest they start letting people off of the ship and can I make this flight or is it too early?
  13. What package only contains draft beer? I thought the alligresimo classic which is $44 a day now includes bottled beer? Is this correct?
  14. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. How about 11301 & 10087, thanks.
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