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  1. We followed the same route and are also waiting for a reply from Brussels.
  2. Lovely photographs as usual and very interesting trip report. Thank you. Lynn
  3. I am 5'6" and my husband is 6'5" and although we agree it is a small shower the curtain has never interfered with us in any way. We are bemused by the amount of comments regarding the size of the shower but have enormous sympathy with those that find it a problem. Our main shower at home is probably at least three times as big as the Azamara model. I would never let a piece of plastic interfere with the wonderful Azamara experience. Lynn
  4. Thanks Cinnamon. Everything looks lovely and March 20/19 will be here before we know it. Lynn
  5. Thank you for the lovely photos. We loved the Royal Clipper but then we discovered Azamara.
  6. We left the Journey on Friday after a great cruise where everything ran like clockwork for us. Your posts have reminded me about what we left behind :-( Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Wish we were there.
  7. It seems we were super lucky yesterday. Timing is everything.
  8. We arrived at 12.30 and walked straight to the queue for the tender. Five minutes waiting and then ten minutes later we were on board and in the cabaret lounge. Thirty minutes later we were having lunch on the sunset deck. Sadly no sun or sunset in Greenwich but everything else is fabulous.
  9. Really really excited now. Did intend to watch her pass our part of the Thames but ran out of time.
  10. I hope that gets everything out of your cistern
  11. I know this is not very patriotic but I feel I could offer Mr uktog a World Cruise. Lynn
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