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  1. Are you screwed? Definitely not. Your balcony will be a bit shadier, and there will be a metal support sticking out of the SIDE of your balcony area--but it won't really obstruct your view. If anything, I'd think it would make the balcony feel more private.
  2. Hey all! Me again, just off the MSC Meraviglia last month and brimming with helpful information to share as a thank you to those of you who answered *my* questions as I prepared for my first sailing on MSC. Like many of you, I discovered that not all Meraviglia balcony cabins are created equal--some are created better! I had the luck to be able to book one of the Fantastica balcony cabins with extra space, so I made a little video of the cabin and the balcony. And then I looked at the deck plans and listed all of the similar cabins between decks 9 and 13. All of that can be found
  3. Thank you for this, rkacruiser!!!! This is SUPER helpful, as I've never sailed in the Yacht Club and likely never will. Thanks so much for the comparison! Also a huge thank you for answering my question regarding the port of Miami. Having never sailed from the port of Miami in the past, I was not sure if it was a Miami thing or an MSC thing. Good to know it is a Miami thing. I would sail out of Miami again--but I would plan to have the process be a bit painful. 😉 But if I see a great sailing out of FLL, I'm ON IT! I've sailed out of FLL in the past--on HAL--and had an easy time of it. Than
  4. I was super happy to be able to dock at Ocean Cay! While the palm trees have some growing up to do--and while we didn't have the best weather--that island is what a private island should be. I loved it and would happily return. I hope to be able to snag a last minute fare on the Seaside this summer. 🙂 In Honduras, did you go to West Bay Beach? I did as well, but my trip there was a bit of an adventure. Gorgeous beach though. I'd return for a week. I've actually looked into flights; sadly they are cost-prohibitive from PHL. And yes. I saw the lines for embarkation from my balcony and I
  5. Sorry. I need to correct that to not read per person. On my sailing, the least expensive YC cabin was $3600 per person. As my cabin was $350 per person, that's ten times the cost--so my other math is wrong, where I state that I'd rather go on five cruises in steerage than one in YC. It's really ten to one! But yes, it was only $3,600pp rather than $5k. I will edit it. Still, way too rich for my blood!
  6. Please hijack my review, as I also want to read your post! Thanks so much!
  7. I'm here to echo what cvg42 said above. I was on the Meraviglia 2 weeks ago in the Caribbean and it was INSANE. Do not count on getting a lounge chair. Yes, people are reserving them. There are some on the aft deck, but that has a tiny pool and the smoking section; I don't imagine you'll be hanging out there with your toddler. Your best bet is to enjoy the inside (Bamboo) pool. That roof retracts I believe; I have no idea why they don't make that another outside pool when in the Caribbean.
  8. First--thank you to the many of you who answered my questions before we sailed! The input was greatly appreciated! So I sailed on the MSC Meraviglia two weeks ago--departing Miami on 2/2, which was also the Super Bowl in Miami, so THAT was fun! I had never been on MSC before and had some legit concerns. And so I recorded my thoughts on the experience and shared them on my (ad-free, I don't make any money on it) blog. If you are interested, here's that post: http://www.suitcasescholar.com/2020/02/20/thinking-of-sailing-on-msc-cruise-line-check-out-this-annoyingly-detailed-r
  9. Wait--what? A day and a half without hot water? That's not ok by any means.
  10. Good to know, thanks! It appears that if this ends up being the port at which we call, I'll be on my own as my travel partner plans to not get off the ship. I always plan to not get off the ship. So perhaps a taxi to ruins is my best bet. Thanks!
  11. Great--thanks! And strange that you docked at Mahogany Bay. I'd be super happy with that, but am expecting Coxen Hole. Either way, glad to hear we are docked, not tendered. Thanks!
  12. For those of you who have sailed in the Western Caribbean on MSC--did you dock or tender in Roatan? I'm asking because there's some question of this in our Roll Call; someone noted that there are four ships in port on the day we are there (though this is also debatable, as crew center only lists three ships) and that this means that we will be tendering, as we are the last ship to arrive that day. But on the MSC site, it clearly states "docked" at Roatan. So I'm asking those of you who have sailed to Roatan on MSC--did you dock or tender? I'm trying to plan my excursi
  13. Honestly? Don't even bother. I did it through the website. A few days later I got an email saying I had been matched and supplying me with my Voyager's Club number. And then I tried to enter that Voyager's Club number into my account and it didn't work. One field kept telling me to enter a valid number and the other told me that number was associated with an expired account. When I reached out to customer service, they told me I had not been status matched yet. I sent them a screen shot of the email clearly stating that I had been and giving me a(n incorrect) Voyager's
  14. ok, that looks fun! i wish they let you just rent them but they don't. drat! i have looked at renting a scooter but i've also read all of the "don't do that" advice (i'm confident in my ability to ride a scooter but i still won't just because i don't want to be THAT person.)
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