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  1. jondfk, What was your opinion of the Sanctuary for Glacier Bay, We'll be on the Ruby 4/30/22?
  2. I just purchased 4 - $500 gift cards yesterday and received the $50 bonus for all 4, no problems at all. I'm anxiously waiting to see if those that used their Princess Rewards Visa's got their issue resolved with the double points that were awarded in the past. Brad
  3. I'm curious, what are your opinions on 4/30/2022 Alaskan Cruise. Would you book the Sanctuary for any part of your cruise ,in particular would the Glacier Bay viewing be a good day for this. Looking for comments and your experiences of the Sanctuary on this cruise. We have used it before on warm weather trips and enjoyed the experience, I'm just not sure about this cruise. Thanks, Brad
  4. Thanks, I thought I was losing my mind. I should have done it when I was looking last time!
  5. Can anyone tell me if the Barclays Visa On Board Credits requirements have changed recently, specifically I thought a $500 onboard credit only required 40,000 points. I now see it requires 50,000 points. I thought this was odd because every other $ credit seemed to align with points earned, example 5000 points = $50 credit, 10,000 points = $100 credit. Maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part! Brad
  6. We have an Alaskan cruise booked for 4/2022. I'm curious about what others are doing about their shore excursions with their booked cruises, are you waiting until all the smoke clears and chancing the tour might fill up, or are you booking your tours now with hope that your cruise sails? For those that have had cruises cancelled and tours booked how was the refund process handled? Thanks, Brad
  7. Coral Princess has our favorite Sanctuary, it is located at the back of the ship with your own private wake views. Included is your own loungers which you choose, also included is a lunch with a variety of selections, flavored waters, and afternoon tea and cookies along with excellent service. there is also a pool that I believe is just for the patrons in the sanctuary. If you book it you'll love it!
  8. Mine suddenly started working again, unfortunately no price drop.
  9. No pictures, but the Shrimp cocktail was good, cheese and crackers not so much, crackers where the kind you get in the plastic wrap that sits out on the tables at a diner.
  10. Guess I'll have to call, tried clearing browsing history and cached files but didn't help.
  11. One is 66 days and the other is 188 days
  12. Is anyone else getting this error message when trying to check pricing on your booked cruise EZAir flights " We are unable to process your request. Please try again later or call us at the number listed on the page for assistance" I've been receiving this message for the last couple days.
  13. Exactly what Thrack said. I had gift cards that I had purchased and called yesterday and had money applied to my final balance, bought some casino credits, applied some to my wife's on board account and had $22 left so I bought the shrimp platter for our embarkation sail away. Everything went smoothly. I still can't figure out why you cant use the gift cards to purchase items online so you could do it yourself.
  14. I'm in the same predicament, I'm also wondering if it is for new bookings only.
  15. Thanks, Colo I completely forgot about that. Luckily I'm still in that 60-day window.
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