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  1. Coral Princess has our favorite Sanctuary, it is located at the back of the ship with your own private wake views. Included is your own loungers which you choose, also included is a lunch with a variety of selections, flavored waters, and afternoon tea and cookies along with excellent service. there is also a pool that I believe is just for the patrons in the sanctuary. If you book it you'll love it!
  2. Mine suddenly started working again, unfortunately no price drop.
  3. No pictures, but the Shrimp cocktail was good, cheese and crackers not so much, crackers where the kind you get in the plastic wrap that sits out on the tables at a diner.
  4. Guess I'll have to call, tried clearing browsing history and cached files but didn't help.
  5. One is 66 days and the other is 188 days
  6. Is anyone else getting this error message when trying to check pricing on your booked cruise EZAir flights " We are unable to process your request. Please try again later or call us at the number listed on the page for assistance" I've been receiving this message for the last couple days.
  7. Exactly what Thrack said. I had gift cards that I had purchased and called yesterday and had money applied to my final balance, bought some casino credits, applied some to my wife's on board account and had $22 left so I bought the shrimp platter for our embarkation sail away. Everything went smoothly. I still can't figure out why you cant use the gift cards to purchase items online so you could do it yourself.
  8. I'm in the same predicament, I'm also wondering if it is for new bookings only.
  9. Thanks, Colo I completely forgot about that. Luckily I'm still in that 60-day window.
  10. Has anyone transferred their booking from one TA to another TA, if so how do you do it? I have a 15 day Hawaii cruise booked with a TA but the 3 day sale being offered by another TA seems to be a better deal. While slightly higher in price when you add in the free gratuities and beverage package it's a much better deal. I'm not sure if it's for new bookings only, I'll have to check, I would have to consider if transferring the booking and losing $600pp OBC and $250 off airfare would be cost effective. Thanks for your input, Brad
  11. This should get you what you need! http://www.*****.com/forms/pclshareholderbenefit.pdf Brad
  12. I believe that all Caribe deck balconies on the Crown are bigger and are half covered.
  13. Easy to do, it's listed under the Hawaii cruises and not the South Pacific cruises. I was surprised that this is the only cruise offered for that LA-LA itinerary. Brad
  14. The only booking available currently for 2021, is the March 26 sailing, on the Star Princess. We just recently booked this cruise.
  15. That's great news, now just remember to spend it before it expires!
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