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  1. Northern Aurora: The Bayview Pub had caught my interest from what I read on TripAdvisor. We most likely will check it out. Kristy Misty 14: The Spruce Tip Ale was what originally caught my eye when hearing about the SBC. I am glad to see that you endorse this beer and will definitely try it while visiting Skagway. Masterdrago: Thank you for your suggestions for Juneau and Ketchikan. The Timberline in particular looks like a good option. Disneyochem: I am not very fond of Thai food but I appreciate your suggestion. The Second Sister: Salt is on my short list in Juneau. I had seen the menu and the ginger salmon was the selection that most interested me. jb008: Yet another vote for Spruce Tip beer! Thank you for suggesting a restaurant in Anchorage I will check into it. We will not be spending a lot of time in Anchorage and some of that time is already reserved for visiting the Moose's Tooth Pizza which in case some of you are not acquainted with is a truly epic and one of a kind pizza. I am very grateful to all of you for being so generous with your time and helping us out. We are off to Australia tomorrow so thank you in advance for anyone who continues to expand this thread.
  2. Ava79: Thank you. I would never have thought about crepes in Alaska. Suzanne123: That sounds like a good place for lunch after our hiking excursion. I think I will have the butternut squash wrap. Martincath: We will be arriving in Vancouver late in the evening and one of the Japadog locations is only a three minute walk from our hotel. The problem with eating there may be choosing which hotdog to select. They have so many choices! Eaglecw: The Hangar on the Wharf has a good menu and the prices are very reasonable for Alaska. The view seems very nice as well. Northern Aurora: The Skagway restaurant is on our list for their beer but not sure about eating there. I believe they also have a BBQ restaurant. Since my wife is from the south and loves BBQ there is a good chance we will eat there. I appreciate all of your recommendations and will be visiting some of the restaurants mentioned. I know it wasn't in my original post but we will be in Sitka for a couple of days after our cruise ends before flying home. Any suggestions for dining in Sitka?
  3. Thank you Super Crew Bear. I appreciate the suggestion but we will not be visiting Victoria. We sail out of Vancouver. Kristy Misty 14: I will certainly consider your recommendation. Some of the best dining we have had have been on the more simple side as far as appearance goes. Paula_ MacFan: I had looked at the Fish House and was considering it.
  4. We are on a 14 day Alaska cruise on Oceania that will have late stays in several ports. My wife and I enjoy trying restaurants that offer a nice ambiance and good food while on a cruise. A good view would be a plus. It does not have to be a fancy restaurant. Since we have excursions during the day we are looking at evening dining options. The ports where we will have late departures are Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway.
  5. I looked for alternatives to Air Luggage and found a company called Valizo that seems to offer the same service. The company is mentioned in the Visit Copenhagen web site. I am interested in having my luggage transferred from the cruise port to the airport. I have read a lot of positive reviews about Air Luggage but none about Valizo. Is anyone familiar with this company?
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