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  1. I spoke with the Beverage Manager on the Jade. She advised me that the changes were fleet-wide.
  2. You can indeed. I had one on the Jade last week.
  3. I am a real ale drinker but not keen on keg beer. Hence I tend to avoid beer completely when cruising. Was disappointed even in The District Brewhouse on the Escape. All very gassy and many very hoppy. I did notice Newcastle Brown on tap on Jade. A very unimaginative choice in my view. Royal Caribbean used to offer Old Speckled Hen, which I could live with in small quantities if I really wanted beer.
  4. Viva Vino is still available. I had the list laid aside to bring home. Unfortunately my cabin mate binned it thinking it was junk. However if you do a search on a famous search engine using this term: "NCL Jade cruise drink prices 2017 - youtube", you will find a video from an "average tourist" with the Viva Vino list at the 40 second mark. The current list is similar but I noted the wonderful Marques de Riscal Riserva is now missing, which would have tempted me to buy even though I had the UBP. For what it's worth, our group found the North and South Red Blend to be the most palatable red available by the glass. It seemed to be better than I remembered it from earlier cruises. The Matua Sauvignon Blanc thankfully remains.
  5. Here is what I have... Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Just back from the Jade to the Norwegian Fjords. Was surprised to see Glenmorangie Malt Whisky and Tanqueray Ten Gin included once again within the UBP. This change happened in August and is fleet-wide. As a consequence of the change they had insufficient stock to cope with the increased demand. They ran out half way through the cruise and the Beverage Manager was not permitted to substitute an alternative Malt... Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Many thanks Keith. I'll try again re the VivaVino list just before I join the Jade in August.
  8. Trying again, since many more folk will now have sailed in Europe this year. Many thanks for any feedback.
  9. Any help appreciated. Sailing on the Jade in August. For comparison here are the lists from the Escape in February 2017. And for good measure here is the Cellar Masters list.
  10. I have noticed that the wines on offer can vary by ship and especially when sailing in different regions. If anyone has sailed in Europe in 2017, I would appreciate seeing either, or both, the current Wine List and the VivaVino order form. Many thanks.
  11. Hope the new Channel options suit the majority. Be aware there is no option to choose channels for each cabin. The only way it can be changed is by replacing one channel for the entire ship.
  12. Many thanks for posting this. Armed with this information I visited Reception yesterday afternoon. Contact was made with the Communications Officer by phone. I asked to speak with him but my request was denied. After some further discussion, the Reception Manager appeared from the back office. He repeated the misinformation from before that Sky News has been removed fleetwide. I implored him to check the Facebook response from P&O and to reinstate Sky News as soon as possible. If insufficient bandwidth available then I suggested substituting it in place of BBC World which has provided minimal British news and no General Election coverage. Between 6pm and 7pm last night Sky News was reinstated and BBC World removed. A brief message was left on my cabin phone apologising for "any inconvenience". I wish to express regret that I passed on information that subsequently proved to be incorrect. It was done in good faith. Not based simply on a reply from Reception but following two requests for an explanation which was obtained from a Communications Officer. Let's hope it was a genuine misunderstanding on his part and not simply an attempt to fob off passengers.
  13. Obviously with your greater experience of P&O, although 30 years shorter than mine, you presumably have good reason to doubt P&O Officers' integrity. Perhaps you will be proved right. Time will tell...
  14. Really? I am surprised you are so willing to dismiss what a P&O officer said was happening. Surely Officers have some personal integrity? Perhaps it is being phased in. Can you please explain why you believe folk will be "fine" on Ventura and Britannia, going forward.
  15. I can only report the facts as exist on Azura right now. Sky News was replaced by BBC HD three days ago. We have been in Madeira all day and still no Sky News. Representations were made to Reception for an explanation. This was elevated to the Communications Department and an Officer provided an explanation that Sky News would no longer be shown fleetwide on P&O. It had been replaced with BBC HD with immediate effect. Surely P&O Officers have more integrity than to fob off a passenger enquiry with an intentional lie? And for the record Dai, are you accusing me of intentionally misleading this forum? Yes or no would be fine, thanks.
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