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  1. It is correct, Passengers were given a notice to self-isolate for 14 days it was put under their cabin door. Also many announcements made by the Captain during the cruise, if anyone felt unwell to present themselves to the Medical Center. Border officer also mentioned the self-isolation when handing in arrivals card at disembarkation.
  2. My brand went out of stock a few months back. When it returned....what do you know..... the actual sheet size had decreased😱 1cm to 10x10cm My challenge to everyone! Rip just 1 square off, I couldn't believe how small they actually are. 😂 The craziness of isolation...
  3. They were let off, but had to self quarantine for 10 days, Now they have been notified of positive CV they have to further extend their quarintine to 14 days.
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