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  1. Ditto. Also, I was checking out the deck plans on some of their ships and it appears that all guest cabins are mid-ship and forward. None are aft. My preference to avoid mal de mer is to be low and mid to aft. No way I'm sailing in a forward cabin.
  2. I haven't looked at O's recent Tahiti offerings, but in the past I know that they always insisted on cruising there at the absolute worst time of the year, when it was rainiest and most humid. The temperature in Tahiti doesn't vary much throughout the year, but the humidity is a killer in our winter months (southern hemisphere's summer). Total deal-breaker for me. But then I'm humidophobic.
  3. For what it's worth, I made a dummy booking on the website and was unable to opt out of O Life. Am I missing something on the website? Or do you have to actually call Oceania to get just cruise plus air? Or am I totally misunderstanding what you folks are saying here? (always a possibility...) Any insights are appreciated.
  4. I got the tiniest bit queasy reading the 2nd to last paragraph......
  5. I completely agree with you. After spending a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam to get from LA to Rome, I vowed "never again." The next time we flew Alitalia non-stop from LA to Rome. More expensive, but SO WORTH IT.
  6. Forgive me if I'm telling you something you already know. I distinctly remember the Delta rep telling me that to use my future flight credit (obtained for a cancellation due to covid) with one of their partners (KLM in your case), the arrangements HAD to be made over the phone with a Delta representative. Of course, things might have changed since then, but just wanted to alert you.
  7. When I booked a cabin in the new block with the new configuration I made some joke to the Windstar rep about how that block was probably going to fall out at the first sign of rough seas. The Windstar rep came right back with, "No, they do a great job with that duct tape." Tickled me.
  8. My sister and I have a running joke about what to wear to dinner while cruising: "Black pants, different top." Well, in Tahiti it's "White pants, different top."
  9. Yes, in July 2019 my husband and I made the mistake of detouring to Lake Tahoe for a leisurely drive along the shore. Hah. The traffic was something else.
  10. You can also negotiate the cabin category. I was offered a B3 and when I said I had to be mid-ship due to mal de mer, I was promptly offered a B1 for the same price. Nice.
  11. Yes, the vaccine is no problem, but the covid test within 72 hrs. will be a little more difficult. Not impossible, but tricky. We like to fly in early to recover from jet-lag and check out the port city for a few days prior to embarcation. So we'd need to get the test in a foreign city. Perhaps the hotel concierge could assist. 😊
  12. Well, this announcement may not have meant a cancellation for YOU, but it certainly meant a cancellation for lots of people. My July cruise on the Star Legend was cancelled by this announcement.
  13. Wow, some excellent info. Thanks!
  14. So sorry, I re-read your post and see that you have aleady read that thread.
  15. Read the above thread entitled "Staterooms on the Windsurf (review compilation)." You will find that there are some staterooms on deck 1, in the 120's I believe, that are problematic. I was in one, so I know this for a fact. That thread will tell you everything you need to know to book a quiet stateroom.
  16. I would also like to recommend to him that the redesigned website show the ship for each voyage. You can only find that out now if you click on the voyage and scroll waaaay to the bottom. You used to be able to search for a cruise by ship (which is always how I'd do it because I like particular ships).
  17. According to the local port news, Regatta is headed to Ensenada, Mexico today (or tomorrow -- days are running together at this point!).
  18. Yes, the local Long Beach newspaper which lists all the comings and goings in the harbor has shown the Regatta as present in Long Beach for weeks. I think it's been moved around within the harbor which is why the OP hadn't seen it before.
  19. Another vote for the full face snorkel! If I had a chance in hell of doing any snorkeling in the next 6 months I'd definitely be on the hunt for one. I want to be able to SEE that incoming shark out of the corner of my eye...... :-)
  20. I too have done Tahiti with both PG and Windstar and preferred Windstar. PG was good, but we liked Windstar better. For what it's worth....
  21. I can see why they wouldn't want to provide masks and snorkels, but what about fins? That doesn't seem like it would be a problem. I usually just pack my mask and snorkel in the bottom of my suitcase and then use Windstar's fins. The mask and snorkel take up very little room in my suitcase, honestly. Especially on a warm weather cruise where you're primarily packing shorts, sandals, tops and bathing suits.
  22. Petoonya, On the subject of snorkel gear: on our Tahiti cruise we met a charming couple who introduced us to a totally new (to us) style of mask. It allowed for a complete 180 degree view underwater (as opposed to the side views being kind of blocked by the sides of your mask). They said they got them at Costco, of all things. Anyway, next time I go on a snorkeling vacation I intend to look into this. Thought you and others might want to be aware, in case you're not already (I was the last one on the block to get a microwave, so I'm not exactly on the cutting edge of things --- perhaps th
  23. I remember our very first Windstar cruise. We embarked in Rome (Civitavecchia), and it was raining. I fretted the whole way on the drive from Rome to Civitavecchia that morning because I knew we were going to be early, and I pictured us standing in the rain with our luggage. Well, no. There was a very nice enclosed waiting area with drinks, cookies, restrooms and plenty of seating to wait for 1:00 p.m. boarding time. I should have known.
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