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  1. My August sailing got cancelled 😞 Was really looking forward to it too.
  2. Mine is in another 6 months, not immediately, so no concern. Although it's putting a damper on my other vacation plans.
  3. This is making international news! Just saw it all the way over here. Hope the Chief offers his advice when he's in.
  4. Folks: Ovation is in Wellington today, her first stop since leaving Tauranga yesterday. One can only imagine the mood onboard.
  5. Ovation is indeed a semi-regular visitor to Welly during the warmer months. Somber mood onboard for sure. I expect a lot of media will be around trying to get statements.
  6. I've made a link to this topic from the one on the main RCI forum.
  7. Very sad and unfortunate. Some first hand reports for those onboard about the mood on the ship?
  8. This is very big news here locally in NZ. Very sad and unfortunate for the tourists caught up in this. This thread is also available in the AUS/NZ forum.
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