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  1. I have done both with and without having my kids with me. I prefer early dining only because I love having a personal connection with the waitstaff. We have sailed many times, and met some amazing dining staff. I have never had that vibe with anytime dining, and the few times I have had to wait a few times, been crowded in, etc. The one advantage I loved about anytime was once we were at a table for 10, and they were the coolest people ever!! But we still prefer to have same table, same waitstaff each night.
  2. We were above the theater once. You could hear the rehearsals during the day, and shows at night. I would not do it again.
  3. Yes the locker room showers are great! I use them a lot because I prefer them to the cabin showers. Just grab all your stuff and head down there.
  4. And remember lines are always longer at prime times...I despise waiting in lines, so I always try to avoid the busiest times to eat because everyone is there trying to do the same thing. If you can hold off and eat a late breakfast and lunch, that's the way to do it. Just be flexible if possible. I know with kids this isn't always possible, but it works when it's just me and DH.
  5. Thinking about booking the dream with my two younger kids. How were the lines on the ship? I'm thinking at the buffets and things like that...thanks!
  6. We were near elevators and it was fine with noise....I would choose that instead of casino...
  7. We have not cruised in about 2 years, and our sign and sail account is very very small when we cruise. Got the offer but couldn't use it. My parents did not, but we have done 6 cruises and they have only had 2.
  8. Just wanted to mention this has happened to me as well. It was a quick knock while the door was being opened at the same time, and of course I was changing! Was able to duck into the bathroom quickly! It was the only time that cruise, but I remember thinking I had no time to even say I was in the cabin before the door started opening.
  9. 4 pm sailing....waiting at the airport for our luggage (long story!!! always fly in a day early!!) Finally luggage magically arrived (thank goodness or we has an hour or so to run and buy necessities), boarded the ship after 2:30, and just walked right on. I was so nervous the whole time, as we usually arrive at 10:30, but it was the fastest check in ever!
  10. I have to agree! I remember when it was maybe 2 nights a cruise, which was fine. We would just avoid those areas. Now its almost every night and is impossible to get around the crowds and lines. Especially when they are doing pics on the stairs
  11. Went to orient...too windy for us with huge waves. Took a cab to little divi and had a blast! I loved it, and it was close to the ship.
  12. I have read a lot of negative information about their organization also. Everyone should really research charities they donate to.
  13. The MDR is nice if you are looking for a relaxing breakfast before leaving.
  14. Sounds like fun! Just turn left and walk past the cabanas and you will practically have the beach area to yourself.
  15. Late August 2012...perfect weather...perfect temp for water...maybe even a little warm but there was so much shade it wasn't bad. I want to go back!
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