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  1. I've done 2 cruises with my boys, most recently this past August on Sunshine, they are 8 and 9. They love the kids club! We would look at the schedule each day and decide each day what to participate in. On shore, we just did beaches which was just fine for them. They did learn how to snorkel off the beach this past trip and said it was their favorite part of the cruise. We would eat together each night in the MDR, and used it as a great opportunity to try new foods. We encouraged them to try something new to eat each day...not just live off pizza and ice cream. They loved the shows too. I think the most fun I had was the Dr. Seuss brunch. It was very well done, and the food was fun. Enjoy your trip!
  2. Hello! Just got home a few days ago from the Sunshine. I went in with very open expectations, since some reviews were pretty bad. Charleston....super easy embarkation! We had FTTF but it didn't matter. Arrived around 11:15 and were on the ship before noon. SOOOO glad we were able to have access to our cabin early with the FTTF. Once on the ship, we should have eaten right away, but we weren't hungry....big mistake. A bit later and everyone was in the buffet area with their stuff waiting for cabins to open. We were Hangry, and couldn't find anywhere to sit with lunch. Ended up standing up by a counter and eating. It was super hot, which I think was part of the problem. If I was smart I would have taken our plates back to our room. Oh well. Waterslides according to the brochure thing were supposed to be open at 11:00....they didn't open until 5 or 5:30. My kids were very bummed, and got a little bored waiting. And when they finally opened the lines were huge! Our room was a balcony on Lido, and there were 4 of us. It was a great configuration, and we love being on Lido. Close to everything! The serenity deck is awesome on this ship!!! 3 floors of heaven with a waterfall!! No issues finding deck chairs for us, but we don't like being by the main pool. I really had no issues with crowds, but we tend to avoid them when we know things will get congested. Research research! Everyone was super nice!!! Our waitstaff was so overworked I felt bad for them. But everyone around the ship went out of their way, especially making conversation with my 2 boys (8 and 9 years old). The dining room food was hit or miss, few items were very good, some were just ok. The next day was a fun day at sea. I didn't have any issues with crowds. We did the brunch, and arrived around noon. Almost no one was there. It did take a while to get our food though... Half Moon Cay-Love love love this place. We got the note saying where to meet for FTTF, and were on the first tender off. We stayed until 1:00, and ate lunch on the ship. I heard the line was super long for food on the island. Bahamas-did a Carnival 2 stop snorkel....it was ok. Rough waters, but saw some cool fish. Again, ate lunch back on the ship. Day at sea...lots of fun. The 80s show and party was great, and the had a lot of trivia all day too. Dr. Seuss brunch was fun!! Loved the atmosphere and everything about it. Camp Ocean was great for my kids. They did the waterslides everyday and the rope course, basketball, etc. They loved all the fun stuff this ship had for kids. Other than embarkation day, the lines were almost nonexistent for the slides. Port days we always came back by 1:00 to eat and let them enjoy the ship without a lot of people on board. I'll try and check back if anyone has specific questions. Overall we had a very fun time!! Thanks!!!
  3. Hello all. The pictures of Cable Beach look amazing, and I think it fits what we want for our upcoming cruise. However, reading reviews, some people post security guards will not even let you walk along the shoreline in front of resorts. Others have posted they walk/run the beach every day. We were just going to bring beach towels and set up by the shoreline somewhere, but I'm nervous that the resorts "own" their stretch of the beach. Is this really an issue? I've also read by the shoreline it's all public. I just want a place to set my towel down and play in the water for 2 hours....I just have been reading so much conflicting information. I'm also looking at Saunders Beach as an alternative. Thanks for any help/perspective. I do not want to pay 100 a person to use a beach for a couple hours, so not wanting to do an all inclusive.
  4. The one time I booked a group, I made all the big decisions about which line, and ship. They choose if they wanted to go or not. So I said something like, we are going on the miracle Feb 15th. Book or call this travel agent if you want to come. Take it or leave it. And they booked the type of cabin they wanted. They booked excursions based on what they wanted to do, but we did eat together each night by linking our bookings. It was pretty simple and everyone was happy.
  5. I have done both with and without having my kids with me. I prefer early dining only because I love having a personal connection with the waitstaff. We have sailed many times, and met some amazing dining staff. I have never had that vibe with anytime dining, and the few times I have had to wait a few times, been crowded in, etc. The one advantage I loved about anytime was once we were at a table for 10, and they were the coolest people ever!! But we still prefer to have same table, same waitstaff each night.
  6. We were above the theater once. You could hear the rehearsals during the day, and shows at night. I would not do it again.
  7. Yes the locker room showers are great! I use them a lot because I prefer them to the cabin showers. Just grab all your stuff and head down there.
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