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  1. After a good cruise on the Viking Sea from Montreal to New York, we had booked their 2 day extension in Manhattan. On ship, organisation was very good indeed, and we were hugely disappointed and annoyed about the way in which Viking handled the post-cruise extension. When we disembarked, there was no guidance to buses allocated to our colour coded disembarkation group. We were left in the hands of shore staff, who didn’t seem to have any idea what was required. The result was that there was a scramble for any unidentified bus, and we had some people from a number of disembarkation groups on each bus. When we arrived at the Hilton Midtown, there were conflicting instructions being issued, which caused considerable chaos. This seemed to be caused by Viking having sent to the hotel those on post-cruise extensions, those staying for a few hours before transferring to the airport that day, and those departing after a pre-cruise break. We were given at least 3 different instructions which line to stand in and where to take luggage for storing until rooms became available. When we checked out on our last morning, there was also confusion where luggage should be stored, some being in a separate room identified by Viking, others being told to use the Bell Hop. We lined up for the bus in a similar disorganised manner, again without clear support and guidance from Viking. The same at JFK, where we were left to find our check-in desk in a strange airport with less time than anticipated because of delays in getting us to the airport because of traffic. Another stressful day, which was avoidable with some proper planning. A considerable premium is paid by booking through Viking and for that we expected far more than was delivered on this occasion. I sent this to Viking a couple of days ago and I look forward to their response.
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