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  1. I would love to sail again with Hugo as hotel director but am unable to find him. Anyone know?
  2. If it were possible, I would adopt Adrian Bica in a minute. He has been by far the best concierge we have had in 30 cruises. Met everyone of our needs and above. His ability to be everywhere and always in wonderful humur. Enjoy!
  3. On immediate entering the atrium, we order our soda cards for the trip. We also make resevations for dinner the first night. Then get to our room to be sure the room steward is aware of our needs, sharp container, supply of cheese and fresh fruit for snack. We also ask to have the refrig emptied to be able to us it for our family.
  4. I loved the Family Suite, great views, easy access to the pool and all the other benefits of suite life. It was larger than most I have been in.
  5. EileenN

    a boardwalk????

    Is this a public area? Can we buy food and drinks? Is there any relief from the sun? How long is this area? Do they have seating along the way? Do not need games of chance since I will spend plenty of time in the casinos. I appreciate your info. Thank you.
  6. EileenN

    a boardwalk????

    Many travelers have referred to a "boardwalK"...your spending time in the Jersey Shore and my summers in Ortley Beach NJ....what do they mean? I am in a scooter and DD is in a wheelchair. I am looking for a place to walk/wheel along stores and quick snacks. We will enjoy the NJ practice off "people watching". What can you tell me. We will be in Aruba on May 1st and I know it is a holiday. Help!!!!
  7. going out on April 27 wiith my family and PattoButter, Love the Dawn and have sailed on her many times. Enjoyed your review, especially your excursions. Sounds like you enjoyed yourselves. Watch out for that other couple.
  8. Are we able to use our soda cards for a cold diet coke without a problem?
  9. not sure about the bath map but a shower chair can be obtained from the staff easily.
  10. We will be sailing on NCL and tendering scares the wits out of me. I understand they use the larger tenders of Grand Caymen. I'll report back.
  11. We are sailing on April 26th and our first stop is Grand Caymen. We are hearing on CC roll call that it is a tender port. They say that it is a large tender and I am using a travelscoot, but will it be easier on a large tender...or is this going to be another day on board? Anyone know?
  12. A HUGE Welcome to the West Coast....We have been hungry for NCL over here. very happy to see the offerings.
  13. What about Hugo, is he still on as Hotel diector?
  14. We will be in Aruba from 1 to 10pm on a cruise ship. We thought we would shop and walk or wheelchair/scooter on the "boardwalk" Being origanally from NJ, A boardwalk is something where we can people watch, walk/ride for a distance and shop. What is there to a boardwalk in Aruba? and where is it?
  15. We, personally, do not blame or get angry with the sixthman group or any music cruise that is booked as a Charter from the beginning. But to book as many people as they did and no indication for any of us that a Charter would be taking over, is inexcuseable... we booked 21 days and looked forward to the ports that they advertised. I feel like someone pulled the rug out from under us and it was NCL not the people who arranged the charter. We are loyal NCL cruisers with more than 21 NCL cruises on our list and feel quite shoved out the back door...
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