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  1. Our final payment is due in August...guess we will know something by then? Thanks!
  2. Hello, We are booked for a family reunion cruise Nov 4 out of Los Angeles for 5 nights to Mexico. All adults have been vaccinated...but a few of us (including myself) have our children and grandchildren booked on this cruise. We are in CA and will drive to the port, but everyone else is flying into LAX for this cruise. I really can't find any info on this sailing. We have not received anything from Carnival about the unvaccinated children booked on this cruise or if this cruise will even be sailing. Anyone here have knowledge or thoughts they'd like to share as to the vaccination requirements or the odds of this ship actually sailing in November? Thank you!
  3. Hi, I had lunch with my travel companion yesterday and she said her husband will not use any local tours, only Princess shore excursions.... This is our first time traveling together, so we will just enjoy our time with them and continue to use local tours when we my husband and I travel again to Europe. Thanks so much for your input and also for the time change tip 🙂
  4. Thank you Hank! It's been a while since I've been on CC but it is nice to see you are still helping others with your wealth of experience and information! I was hoping for a calm beach with warm water, 70 degrees is also too cold for me! I guess that's why we have spent so many years in the Caribbean, Hawaii and French Polynesia, lol. I'm sure we will find other fun things to do, especially with the help of this board. Also jas283a thanks for the heads up on possible time change! 🙂
  5. Wow, thank you all for the replies! I'm getting excited for this cruise and look forward to checking out your suggestions. Thank you!
  6. Hello, This will be our 26th cruise but we have never cruised the Mexican Riviera. We are going with another couple March 25, 2022 who have taken this cruise before...but they always use cruise ship shore excursions. They are worried about missing the ship, or something happening to them on a local operated tour in Mexico. We (normally) book local guides and have never had a problem on any of our cruises. Looking for suggestions for Puerto Valarta / Loreto and La Paz, either DIY or with local tour company. We like beaches and food and alcohol tours. Not sure if the water will be warm enough at the end of March for swimming/snorkeling? Any suggestions on whether we should enjoy the port or head out of town is also appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Thank you for the replies. I looked into Hotel Current and they are not offering the Snooze and Cruise package (probably due to Covid and shuttle rules) and it looks like a good deal. Maybe they will offer it again soon. Thanks for the opinion on the Carnival lot, I read others saying "never again" when I was searching parking lots near Long Beach cruise terminal. Some said it was closed and they were given a paper with other lot directions but at 11:30am it was suddenly open and available? I couldn't figure out if they just arrived too early the first time or what? And yes I will also post this in departures. Oh, it looks like it is there...thanks! Thank you for the replies!
  8. Hello, We will (hopefully) be sailing out of Long Beach 5 nights on the Miracle Nov 4th, 2021. We live in CA and have never sailed out of Long Beach before. From what I understand, the Carnival cruise terminal Lot can be a nightmare, slots cannot be reserved and it is expensive. I am wondering if there are any good parking garages for Long Beach Airport that we can keep our car and Uber or car service to cruise terminal? Or if anyone has any other Long Beach Parking suggestions or tips? (I do not want to stay in hotel w parking pre-cruise, as there are 5 of us) Thank you!
  9. Yes, it was kind of unbelievable to find him, let alone still playing at 99 years old! And thank you for your well wishes. Yes, the sinus surgery was a success! Thank you!
  10. Hi, We've never stayed in that area but we took a taxi from our hotel in Old San Juan to Plaza Las Americas to find an old gentleman (99yrs old) who used to play in OSJ but now plays at the mall everyday! (And we found him!) The distance on Google Maps looks to be about the same as Tres Palmas to Pan Am Pier and our taxi was $20.
  11. Hi sorry for the delay. I had booked El Canario because the Hotels in Old San Juan (in our price range for our date) only had No Refundable rooms. But right before our trip I realized we would have to taxi into Old San Juan from the El Canario hotel, so I switched to Hotel Milano (no refundable) and was happy with it. Sorry I can't help on El Canario. It looked like a nice hotel. But we wanted to be in Old San Juan so the switch was worth it for us.
  12. Hello, We were recently on the Summit (loved the new makeover and everything was just wonderful!) I just want to make those that may need Distilled water aware of a situation that happened with me on the Summit. Prior to our cruise I was scheduled for Sinus surgery upon our return from vacation. One of the conditions for being able to take this trip was having access to Distilled water to do a medicated sinus rinse twice a day. I called our travel agent who said this would not be a problem, that they have distilled water available for CPAP and other needs. I also called Celebrity special needs just to make sure. I was told they would have a gallon of Distilled water in my room when we board, and if I needed more just ask the steward. When we boarded there was no Distilled water, just the bottled drinking water. When our steward introduced himself I asked about the Distilled water. He said he would get it. We went to the buffet and when we returned there was an (unsealed) gallon of "Purified" water in the room. I called Guest services and they said they would contact housekeeping and have the Distilled water brought to our room. We later returned from dinner and someone knocked on our door with a (sealed) gallon of "Purified" water. I told them it had to be "Distilled" water. He said it was the same thing. I took the water jug and we went down to the medical center, where the head nurse greeted me at the window. I showed her the Purified water that was delivered and explained what I needed it for and asked if it was the "same thing"? She said no, it was not the same and went in the back to look for distilled water. She brought out a open half-used jug of Distilled water that expired in 13 days! I asked if I could have a fresh unopened gallon of Distilled water and she explained it was all they had at the facility. She took down my name and room number and said she would take care of it. This was almost laughable at this point. A little later, the gallon of Distilled water was waiting in our room with a name card from Anca Ciobanita, Assistant Chief Housekeeper. All was good after that! I just want to make those who might be told "It's the same thing"...that purified water is NOT the same as distilled water. It was such a hassle I was tempted to just use what they gave me. I'm glad I didn't! I filled out a comment card and gave it to Guest Services, asking that Celebrity educate the room stewards and staff that may not be aware that there is a difference between Purified and Distilled water. If someone needs Distilled water....they need Distilled water! Overall the cruise was wonderful. The decor, new stateroom furniture, bathrooms and food was excellent! (including the buffet) We had sailed on the Summit right before it had gone into dry dock and was not impressed. This time... the ship was perfect, and what a wonderful Captain! He gave us extra time on the islands everyday! The shows were also impressive. Okay, Sorry for the long story. I just wanted to pass along the Distilled water info. Don't give up....get what you need. Happy Holidays!
  13. Thank you Angel, it wouldn’t of happened without your help! Best wishes to you! Linda
  14. Success! We found our man and it was soooo worth it! I wasn’t feeling well yesterday after no sleep on our long overnight flight and didn’t think we would get the chance to find him. This morning before getting on our ship we took a taxi to the mall and heard music coming from the 2nd floor and there he was! Unbelievable. He was so kind and seemed happy after reading my (translated) letter and giving him some framed prints and gifts. Everyone there seems to love love him and have much respect for this 99 yr old gentleman. 😊
  15. Angel, We are packed and plan to go on our trip, but that could still change. Our flight gets into SJ around 12:30pm on Friday the 29th. We are staying in Old San Juan and will leave our luggage and probably grab something to eat. Do you have any idea what time he is usually at the Plaza Las Americas shopping center in Hato Rey? It's probably silly to think he would even want a photo of himself, I think it probably means more to me. But when I see it I think to myself that if he was my dad or loved one, I would want to have it. I don't know if he has family. In our photo he has 2 rings on his hand but I didn't see them in another photo of him I found online with a young boy. He almost has the same expression as in our photo. I'll make a side by side pic. Anyway, I will let you know before the 28th if we are headed to San Juan, and if you can make it to the mall it would be wonderful to meet you as well. Take care, Linda
  16. Stinger-PR, I hope you see this message. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to come back on this thread and give me the information you found. I'm very grateful. Wishing you the best, Linda
  17. Wow! This is why I believe in miracles.... I am so happy to see this gentleman is still alive and playing! 99 years old, incredible! My husband put the name you gave us on Google and we saw a photo of him on a Facebook page Fundacion Pisadas de Amor, playing at the mall. I contacted them right away and they were kind to reply that they do not know him or his family personally, but they said he is there everyday at the Plaza Las Americas shopping center in Hato Rey. I was at my ENT doctor appt yesterday morning when I first saw your reply. I was ecstatic. But unfortunately I was told I need surgery as soon as possible. I was so upset I couldn't even reply to this post. But today I called and spoke with the nurse and she said if I am very careful and called them right away if I come down with anything, that I could go. I'm still undecided. Fundacion Pisadas de Amor graciously offered to deliver the photo to him at the mall and send me a photo of it if I can't go. After Stinger-PR finding him, I feel I was meant to go. I will let everyone know the outcome. Hopefully we are able to meet this man that touches my heart and brings back memories of Old San Juan every time I look at his photograph. I'll post it after I give it to him...😊
  18. Thank you for your reply. We will be boarding our cruise ship on Saturday, but we will be staying overnight in Old San Juan on Friday. I remember in the evenings a lot of local families would come out and there were artists and sellers in the area. I will ask around. Thank you!
  19. Hello, Has anyone been to Pineapple Beach Club? Last time we were in Antigua, we went to Jolly Beach Club and while the beach was beautiful the pool and resort was a little run down. We plan to take a taxi from cruise port to the Pineapple Beach Resort. I think it's about a 45min trip each way. Wondering if anyone has done this and your thoughts on going there for the day? Thank you!
  20. Thank you for the reply. Yes, I think we will do that. I'm sure he's aged quite a bit since the photo was taken, but the expression on his face is very recognizable. Thank you!
  21. No one? I was hoping a local might be on CC and know or recognize this man from and old photo from 2005 in Old San Juan. I have a really beautiful photo of him looking at the camera and would like to (hopefully) find him playing on the streets and give it to him. Does anyone recognize him or know if he is still playing his accordion in Old San Juan? Thanks!
  22. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows if this gentleman is still in Old San Juan? We have a really beautiful photo of him (not this one) playing his accordion back in January 2005. I would like to frame some prints to give to him or his family if anyone knows him. It's been almost 15 years, so he may not be out playing on the street, but maybe a local knows him or his family? Every time I come across this one particular photo, I think to myself that I would want it, if I were him or his family. We were in Old San Juan a couple years ago and there was an older man playing in the evening outside a restaurant. It didn't look like the same man though, and I didn't have the photo with me so we didn't approach him. This time I would like to bring them and get them to him or his family if possible. We will arrive in Old San Juan Friday 11/29 the day after Thanksgiving, and could leave the prints at a business for pick up. Hopefully a local knows him or his family? Thank you!
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