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  1. Thanks for starting this thread Roy. At least it gives us hope for better days, but I do miss the toots. Have a good night all.
  2. Some of the crew are enjoying their new cabins. A little better than what they are used to, I am sure.
  3. I wonder if we will hear someone cursing again about the horn if they let it rip in the channel again.
  4. Thanks for the update Roy, I saw that she was in the port yesterday but I had not checked the departure schedule to see when she was leaving. I hope they get the PE microphone fixed soon so we can enjoy the toots again.
  5. The directions said I should turn right at the fork in the road, but it looks like that will not be a safe move, as there are too many trees in the way.
  6. I hope nobody makes a big flap out of the great deal you got.
  7. It's too bad that this wasn't a video so we could see the fins flapping, keeping them both in the air. You can see that the bird is hanging on for dear life, she must be afraid of flying.
  8. Love the Canadian Uber Jacqui, and being from Minnesota, once Christmas is over, we also look forward to summer.
  9. If nothing else, he will probably be able to get a job at IHOP.
  10. Don't quote me on this, but I think Don Quixote would be proud,
  11. Thanks Roy, at least we got a preview of coming attractions, so hopefully by the time they sail again with actual passengers they will have the PE mic fixed so we can listen to the serenades from our departing beauties.
  12. Sounds like someone does not care for the NA's departure toots, even if I couldn't hear them.
  13. Definitely a lot darker sailaway that what we usually enjoy, but it is still a sailaway for us.
  14. They have her scheduled for a 5:00 o'clock departure today, so maybe if we all pretend a little, we can have a sailaway thread on this thread. Just minus the passengers, the noise, and the waves from all our friends headed to sea.
  15. Thanks Roy, I know how much we all miss the old Sail A Way threads so just seeing a ship in FLL again gives us hope for better days again. May Port Everglades be filled again in the near future so we can all enjoy what I call. "The good old days."
  16. OH CHRISTMAS TIRE!! OH CHRISTMAS TIRE!!, and I forget the rest of the words to that tune.
  17. I can recognize an Acme Boulder anywhere. You are correct.
  18. Who knew that there were that many clowns around anymore? This thread has hit 500 pages of jokes, memes, and funnies. Thanks to all have chipped in to give us a little bit of something to laugh at each day. Most importantly, I hope you keep up the good work, as we certainly need it. Thank you!!!
  19. Great News, I finally got to meet my Guardian Angel. His name is Harold, and he loves Christmas Carols. Who knew?
  20. Toiler Paper will last until eternity once it is placed in cold storage. However, it must be warmed to room temperature prior to use. I love your little cartoons each day, Jacqui, they give us all a lift. Thanks.
  21. I have heard that since we are all social distancing for Thanksgiving this year that many will be missing the usual Turkey and Mashed Potatoes. I thought ahead and went to the liquor store yesterday and purchased a bottle of Absolut and a bottle of Wild Turkey. Close enough for me this year. Can anyone recommend a good pumpkin flavored liquor for dessert? Happy Thanksgiving all.
  22. I agree, when I was on the Eurodam in November of 2019, they still had an area on the left side that was used for the book exchange. It was on the opposite side of the explorations cafe.
  23. Do you think that is a real zoom meeting, or just the skeleton crew that is still at work?
  24. I have always used the book exchange aboard HAL so I would certainly miss them on future cruises. I do enjoy reading a good book while sitting on deck watching the sea slide by. When HAL started cutting back on the libraries I started bringing 7 or 8 books along and would leave them in the exchange a book section when I finished them. I usually found enough other books to keep me busy when I had finished those that I had brought. On sea days I would usually read a couple of books each day, and I also prefer a real book, rather than an E-reader. E-readers are fine for those who enjoy them
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