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  1. Kdam is underway as well to end our parade for today. They save the best for last.
  2. Another silent departure from Magic. No Magic with Carnival anymore. What's up with that?
  3. Is Magic planning on Backing out of the channel or what? She has gone a little further than most ships do.
  4. And just think how far the PE cam is from NZ and you still heard them in your house. Great hearing.
  5. Checking in just in time to hear the Edge toot goodbye. Great timing.
  6. Thanks for posting the menu Roy. I think just about anyone could have found something to enjoy from that menu. I also enjoy a good macaroni and cheese from time to time. Thanks again for taking us along with you.
  7. Bon Voyage, Have a great cruise. We will miss you on the sail away threads.
  8. Thanks Kathi and the rest of the sail away fans for another sail away. Good Night.
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