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  1. another silent departure from Carnival. Princess next in the parade, hope she does better.
  2. Carnival Sunrise next to go. Will she toot this week or another silent departure?
  3. Jacqui, I can't agree more. I did a TA on the Rotterdam out of Rome one year and just loved that library. The old Ryndam had a very good library too. I doubt if the new Ryndam will have anything close to a proper library on it when she comes out. Those libraries were one of the reasons I chose to sail on HAL and I do miss them.
  4. Both Aquahound and Shmoo here are correct. I was on the Eurodam in early November and the "Library" is pretty much as they described. They do have the travel books and a few other reference books as Aqua mentioned along with some interactive tables with electronic maps that can be used to explore the ports. The port side is the swap a book area that you find on most HAL ships. There are two sets of shelves with books on both sides of the shelves as you walk into the Crows Nest. I like to read so I usually bring 6 or 7 books with me and then leave them on the ship when I finis
  5. Thanks Kathi and the rest of the sail away addicts. Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving. Good night.
  6. The two newest ships must have been detooted or something. We need to let HAL know that we are the toot fest club and HAL is letting us down this year.
  7. Looks like she is down to one line and is just singled up. She should be going shortly.
  8. It just wouldn't be a HAL cruise without a Canadian Flag or two. Still waiting for some toots. Let her loose Kdam.
  9. Love Boat toots from Regal. They must have fixed that sour note that they had last year.
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