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  1. Well I am ready for some of those Love Boat toots. I haven't heard them yet this year as this is my first sailaway with Regal this fall. There are our Love Boat toots.
  2. Thanks Kathi and the rest of the addicts for an enjoyable sail away. Good night.
  3. I thought you were on your way back this direction but wasn't sure. Hope you are having a great cruise.
  4. Roy, My cameras were working fine until you said that, and then the PE cam went black and that little blinking dot. I refreshed it and it came back fine. Where are you checking in from today?
  5. And we are down to just two, Indy of the Seas and Nieuw Amsterdam.
  6. So far a fairly quick parade today with our sail away line up.
  7. Nice toots from Island Princess and a couple extra to make up for Sunrise.
  8. Island Princess is underway. I didn't hear any toots from Sunrise.
  9. Checking in just in time for Equinox and the Carnival departure.
  10. I was on the Eurodam last week and I was able to use different computers as long as I logged off each one when I was finished. I was using the ships computers in the atrium area. If I had problems with one of the computers available, I would switch to a different one and would get a message that I needed to log off the other machine, and there was a pop up button to do that. No problems once I logged off. They could have better instructions available and I think that would clear up the confusion that some are finding when they try to log in with different devices.
  11. I was also on this cruise with Dobiemom and Mccruiser, and I also felt safe in all three ports. I did do a ship's excursion in Mazatlan, but in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta I just went off on my own from the ship and did not feel that I was in danger at anytime. There were quite a few soldiers with their automatic weapons that were quite visible that helped make me feel safe.
  12. A very quiet sail away today. One little toot from Majesty and nothing from the Volendam except for a single departure toot. Thanks Kathi and the rest of the addicts. Good Night.
  13. No toots yet Roy, we may have a silent departure today.
  14. I think they may have those back up cameras on the stern. LOL
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