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  1. Dropping all lines on Volendam, she should be underway soon.
  2. Just one low rumbling toot mixed in with the music so it wasn't easy to hear.
  3. Sunrise leaving the channel headed for the open ocean.
  4. Thanks Kathi and the rest of the sail away addicts for another great day. Good Night.
  5. Nice day in FLL today. I just got off the Eurodam yesterday and when I left San Diego it was 75 degrees F. Today the temp is about 20 degree F and this week is supposed to be colder. I should have just stayed on the ship. Way too early for winter to start.
  6. Himself is sailing on the Nieuw Statendam but depending on the mass time he may not be on deck for the sail away.
  7. Didn't hear any toots from the Behemoth so not a good sign for a toot fest.
  8. Congratulations on completing your first solo. Glad you had a good time. Those of us who have been traveling solo for years will tell you that it just keeps getting better and better each trip, so hope you continue to enjoy your travels. The more you do, the easier it is to just feel right at home once you are aboard and not really care what others might think. After all, that is their problem, not yours, so just relax and enjoy.
  9. I was on the Eurodam last week and all masses were scheduled for the 5 PM slot. They had the interdenominational service scheduled at the same time on Sunday, but in a different room. Enjoy your time on the NS Father.
  10. Adventure of the Seas with her three low toots. Thanks Kathi and the rest of the sailaway addicts. Good Night.
  11. Looks like the freighter is going to beat out the Adventure of the Seas.
  12. Nice long toots from the Nieuw Amsterdam. Now that is how you toot.
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