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  1. Lois, I hope you have a great trip. Do you fly into Venice, or do you start your cruise at a different port? Neil
  2. Jacqui, Yes, it just the seven day cruise. I do miss the sailaways too as the comments back and forth and copper's comments always liven things up a little. Thanks for adding me. Neil
  3. Hi Jacqui, Can you please add me the next time you do an update. I will be sailing on the Eurodam on Nov. 2nd, another Mexican Riviera cruise. In a few weeks we will be back for out FLL sailaways. I miss those over the summer Alaska season. Thanks. Neil
  4. Hi, I have had multiple solo trips on HAL and enjoyed all of them. I have another solo trip with them coming up on the Eurodam in early November. I have not sailed on the newer ships so I can't give you much help with information on them. I actually prefer the older ships with the full library as I read a lot when I am cruising. Hope you have a great trip.
  5. My PCC experience has not been as good as most of the other posters on this thread have been. I had been receiving multiple emails from her asking me to use her for any bookings I wanted. Well about a month ago I decided to give her a call as I was looking at a Mexican Riv. cruise in November. I called her twice and left messages and then emailed her with information on the cruise that I was looking to book. After three days I had not heard anything back from her, so I just called the 800 number for HAL and booked the cruise through one of their representatives. Everything is fine, but I
  6. Hope you two have a safe trip home. I don't envy you two for the long flights you are going to have. I remember one trip coming back from Thailand years ago. Flight left at midnight, then a 9 hour layover at Narita, and then a 4 hour layover at LAX, and then finally landed in Minneapolis late at night. All in all it took over 36 hours and needless to say, very tired by the time I got home. Look forward to meeting both you and Tom in November. Thanks for your forum, it was really nice to travel along with you two, and your pictures were great. Neil
  7. Great answer, sometimes a little humor goes a long way, and leaves everyone feeling a little bit better.
  8. Wow, with that ultimate balcony breakfast there was enough food to invite the neighbors over for brunch. It did look like it would be a very delicious treat.
  9. Bon Voyage Lisa & Tom, now that you two are finally heading off for your cruise. Congrats for getting the upgrade to your favorite suite. Great pictures of your time in Japan. I hope the typhoon is all gone now and you have some decent seas for your cruise.
  10. Hi Lois, Are you cruising on the PO river there in Northern Italy? That should be a great trip and some beautiful scenery for you. Hope you are staying safe down there in Jacksonville with Dorian. It has certainly been a strange hurricane the way it just parked over the Bahamas. Hopefully it will stay far enough off shore that you won't get any major damage down there. Good Luck and enjoy your river cruise. Neil
  11. Sailing on the Eurodam on November 2nd. Mexican Riveria again, but it is much better than a week at work. Happy Sailing.
  12. Welcome to Cruise Critic. I am another one of those who had done multiple cruises before I found out about cruise critic. I was visiting with a friend about different cruises we had enjoyed and she asked me if I was on CC. I didn't know what CC was at the time but I checked it out, and have been enjoying the forums and all the information available here ever since.
  13. I guess I have been lucky. In all my trips I can only remember one occasion when I did not just breeze through customs traveling as a solo. I was returning from a three city tour from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok and had arrived at LAX. When I got to the customs area and gave them my customs form, they asked to search my bag. I told them that that would be fine, and that everything I had purchased was in my carry on bag. The larger suitcase was filled with two weeks worth of dirty laundry and I told them that it was full of dirty laundry. Too funny, that is the one they wanted to se
  14. Copper, Enjoying your pictures and the travel log and information on your cruise. Happy Anniversary, even though I am a bit late. Enjoy the rest of your cruise as you head back south. I was on the Nieuw Amsterdam a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the ship. They have made some changes in the Crow's Nest from your pictures.
  15. I would agree with the exception of the dynamite. Purchasing that could really blow up your jewelry box if you are not careful. LOL
  16. It is indeed the same rock, no matter where you buy it. Larimar is a a pretty stone and found in the Dominican Republic. While on a cruise there I did pick up a few pendants from the local craftsman for gifts. They were simple pendants set in silver. No fancy settings. Since then I have purchased Larimar online, with better settings, and they were cheaper than what I paid the native craftsman, and much cheaper than what the cruise ships charge for basically the same setting.
  17. Yes, gemstone marketing is pretty prevalent on all the cruise lines. The zoltanite is the marketing name for diaspore which does have a bit of a color change. Tanzanite is the marketing name for Zoisite which has been marketed for years. I have also seen ships marketing yellow emerald which is a beryl stone know as helidor. You can also find mystic topaz which is simply white topaz that has been coated with a chemical solution and then irradiated to bring out all the different colors. All of the stones are very pretty and nice to look at, but very few of these exotic gemstones are all tha
  18. Totally agree with this post Roy. No matter which ship I was sailing on, the memories of that trip are far more valuable than anything I bought or received from the cruise line on the trip. Neil
  19. Sorry about the loss of your husband but congratulations on booking your first solo cruise. I hope you have a great cruise. I would also join the roll call for that trip as it will help you meet others on your cruise. Good Luck.
  20. My biggest unexpected charge was on my very first cruise. When I got that final bill and they let me know that all those drinks I had were not included in the fare. Joking of course, but it was a slight surprise to find out how much more fun I had than what I remembered having.
  21. Hope you have a great trip. Hopefully it will be nice and relaxing, and you will have some good ports for your voyage.
  22. With your anniversary in November and you looking for a relaxing week I think I would go with the Bermuda cruise. That way you can actually celebrate your anniversary. I would save the Alaska cruise for later when you have a little more time to get away and enjoy the wonderful scenery that you will see. I would definitely do the Alaska cruise as you don't hear too many complaints from people that do. Oh sure, the beaches are a little cool from the glaciers dumping into them, and all those whales around while you are trying to swim, but otherwise it is wonderful. Such beautiful scenery, m
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