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  1. Well I guess our Sail away is over for the day. Thanks Roy for starting the thread. Good Night.
  2. Volendam is under way. Let the parade begin.
  3. Departure toot from someone, I wonder who it could be.
  4. Checking In for our big sail away today.
  5. Thanks Roy, we miss the sailaways so much that even a two ship sailaway will be a treat.
  6. Father, I hope that you also have a Blessed Easter.
  7. I have had both good and not so good meals on every cruise line I have sailed with, so I am not going to say which line has the worst food in the MDR. None of them are gourmet dining at its finest. Everyone has their likes and dislikes and since food is so subjective, what is good food to someone may be terrible food to someone else. For example, I did a TA once that was 16 days long. I think they served a different type of meat loaf about every fourth day. A lot of people do not consider meat loaf a gourmet treat. I don't mind a good meat loaf from time to time so I didn't think it was
  8. Wow, that garden is almost as impressive as the Buchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada
  9. Roy, Glad to hear that your self quarantine is almost over. Of course though there is not much available for things to do, with the shelter at home orders around the country.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I spent an hour going through that thread and it is a good way to spend an hour. Some really funny ones over there. I liked this one. Someone reported that the cops had just stopped in and told them that if they wanted to walk around the house naked, they had to do it in the inside of the house.
  11. Nice way to end out sailaway with the Sky Princess Crew and all those hearts, and a couple of Love Boat toots. Good night all.
  12. There are our Love Boat toots to go with all those hearts from the crew.
  13. Nice shot of the crew of the Sky with all their hearts waving.
  14. Doesn't sound like Sky is going to give us a Love Boat sail away toot. Just another long toot from her.
  15. Let's see if Sky comes close to Regal. We may get one Love Boat toot from her if we are lucky. She doesn't believe in wasting them.
  16. Departure toot anyway, now lets hear some channel toots as well.
  17. Lots of Love Boat toots. The NS looks like she is underway as well.
  18. Lots of crew members getting to enjoy the sailaway as we hear our Love Boat toots.
  19. Most of the HAL ships have been anchoring in the Bahama Banks. They have a nice little cruise ship village there now already.
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