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  1. Hope we get a few toots today. NA did us proud yesterday.
  2. Welcome back Kathi, I hope you are all recovered from that long trip home. I am sorry I didn't get to see how many Linus blankets you could make on a world cruise. We have missed you on our sailaway threads. Neil
  3. My brother was a ATC in the Navy. He was stationed at the two extremes, Kodiak Island in Alaska which was always fogged in and very light traffic, and from there he went to Oceana Beach airport in Virginia, which at that time was the busiest U S Naval airbase in the world. He would tell us stories of squadrons of three taking off on the same runway at almost the same time and other fun things like that.
  4. They recently figured out why everyone is stocking up on toilet paper. A recent study showed that if one person coughs, 10 people crap their pants. Naughty, I know, but still kind of funny with all the hoarding going on.
  5. A quiet departure for Veendam. At least we got to see a couple of ships sail out today. I agree with Roy, they are precious to watch when we have so few. Good Night all.
  6. Looks like the camera operator has left for the day, did not follow her out.
  7. No departure toot so she may be quiet as she eases out into the darkness.
  8. Lines all clear on the Veendam, she should be underway shortly.
  9. Silent departure from AOTS, not near as much fun as watching the Nieuw Amsterdam sail out of the harbor. Thanks again Copper. Good Night.
  10. At least the crew can enjoy a sailaway when they have no passengers aboard.
  11. Copper, Thanks for posting this, we have all been going into withdrawl fever with no sailaways to watch for we addicts who enjoy it. At least we will get to see one ship depart today.
  12. Roy, as long as you keep posting I know a lot of us will keep following this thread, so Thank You.
  13. Kathi, glad to hear that you made it home. You just take care of yourself and get rested up. It will probably be a day or two before your inner clock catches up with all that travel. We are just glad to hear that you are home safe.
  14. Roy, how are things in Baltimore? Are you able to get around or have they limited travel a great deal there? Hope you are getting all rested up from your adventure.
  15. Great picture of Copper10-8 and your parents. In today's world it is so nice to see people helping each other in a time of need. The support on this thread has been overwhelming to say the least. To all of you having a toast to celebrate, bottoms up and enjoy.
  16. Roy, I hope you are able to get a good night's rest tonight and that your clock is getting readjusted. I remember one flight back from Bangkok that was over 30 hours and took me three days to get back to being able to sleep a normal night's sleep again. Flying long haul to the west doesn't seem to bother me as much as flying East, that really screws up my rhythm for sleeping. Just glad that you are safely home again.
  17. Kathi, Good luck with your flights. We all hope you have a safe trip home.
  18. Roy, by now you are hopefully safely home from your long journey. If you got in about 2 like you thought you are probably getting some well deserved rest. Let us know that you are safe and secure at home when you get rested up again. Glad you made it back to the US ok.
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